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    Would This Work?

    I currently have going in my planted 20 gal. long a CO2 system that I just hooked up, but I have no idea if it has any worth at all. What I have done is place the bread yeast, water, and sugar in a plastic bottle the tube coming out the top and I have tons of CO2 bubbling out of it now. I was...
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    Moving Mollies

    I used to have to move all of my fish constantly up until a couple of years ago when I was in college, however my trip was only 3 hours not 6. I however made these trips with all of my fish alive and well and almost all of them are still with me today. All I did was drain most about 8/10 of my...
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    Aquabid Purchase

    My Adolfoi finally arrived today in the mail. it took two months for the weather to finally level out enough to be shipped, but I received all 5 of my C. Adolfoi safe and sound. After more than a year of searching I am finally the proud owner of the elusive Adolfoi. Here is a picture of one of...
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    New C121's!

    121s and adolfois are easily distiguishable, the 121s will have a clear covering over their gills so it gives them the look of blushing all the time adolfois do not have the clear gills. I was looking at getting some 121s myself as soon as I get the tank space and money. They are lovely fish and...
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    No More Ro Water Availabe

    The Island of Great Britain is 216,777 sq Km Florida is 140,256 sq Km so Florida is pretty big
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    Brackish Water Testing

    The test results for both will not be absolutely perfect, what I have found is that the results are closer to the saltwater test and not the freshwater test, also the higher the SG is to full marine the more accurate the results with the saltwater test. Also in saltwater the tests seem to come...
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    Brackish Water Testing

    Your API freshwater kit will work fine. The chemicals and tests are exactly the same in the freshwater kit as they are in the saltwater kit however the colors will be slightly different in the salt than they will be in the freshwater test results. Inside of the test kit you should have all of...
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    Crazy Ideas Lets Hear Them

    I am actually going down to my local creek again this spring and I am going to try and net some darters they are so awsome they act alot like my bumblebee gobies, and they love bloodworms too! They are actually really cool fish and they are free!
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    Your First Fish

    My first fish was a beta named Freddy Five-Fingers, sadly he is no longer with us. I let my girlfriend take him home with her over summer vacation and he had a run in with her cat :crazy: Since then I have definately gotten more greedy with my fish and being weary of other taking care of them...
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    My New Bumblebee Gobies

    I finally got some BBGs. I have been admiring them for about a year, but I never bought any. After doing careful research over the past 4 months I decided now was the time to get some. I set up an extra aquarium and cycled it for 4 weeks until I was sure it was ready for them. I have the water...
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    Crazy Ideas Lets Hear Them

    I have actually done this. I went down to my local creek and caught some of the various small fishes that I could. I caught small minnows, some sunfish fry, and a tiny bullhead catfish. I kept them alive over the course of a summer and the growth out of the sunfish and the bullhead catfish were...
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    Endler's Live Bearer

    I agree wholeheartedly with fishalishous, Endlers will breed themselves up to the carring capacity of your tank quite quickly. I love Endlers and when I first got mine I had a 10 gallon for them they quickly filled the aquarium through reproduction in around 3 months after that I had large...
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    C042 Growth Comparison

    how are the C042 fry coming along? I'd love to see some more pictures of their further growth! Rez B)
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    Fish Feed - White Worms?

    Look up grindal worms on google I think they may look familiar...
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    Accidental Fish

    I bought four lemon tetras over two years ago and in the bag with them was a tiny Von Rio tetra that got caught in the net with them. The funny thing is that the lemon tetras have all died, jumped out for some reason, and now my Von Rio tetra is the oldest fish I own! Pretty good deal for a free...
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    Brackish Fish Purchasing

    I always get scared by buying fish from websites especially I have heard some people not enjoying the experience with them, I would be inclined to try them out but after reading up on BBGs on the website, I plan on getting some when my brackish water tank is done cycling in a...
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    New Way Of Packaging Plants In Petsmart

    I bought some wysteria this way and it grew like crazy when I planted it in my aquarium so I guess, it works. I would only recommend this if there is no other way to get plants though because it is hard to tell the quality/health of the plants in the gel bottles.
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    I Feel Dirty

    As long as it is not a beautiful pond in the sky
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    I Feel Dirty

    I followed the link of one of the member's video of gobies breeding on the Brackish forum and there is a list of similar videos on youtube so I watched a few until I came to this one.
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    I Feel Dirty

    Wow people are really stupid... Video Rez B)