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    Clay pots

    Can I just buy a clay pot from a store and put it in my tank? or are there special pots?
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    29 gallon planted

    I want to have a 29 gallon planted And i have a few questions. 1.What are some good plants and decorations 2.How do I care for the plants 3.It will be a coldwater tank with 1 Fancytail and 1 Black moor Goldfish Thanks in advance Oh and Can I use sand and how? What kind? How do I make...
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    Post your tank pics here!

    Hey I need some ideas for my new tank im setting up so if you could post some pics up here of your tank that would be great Thanks ;)
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    It's people like this that make me sick!

    So Cruel Look at that it makes me sick poor thing in a tiny little bowl like that i'd like to give that guy a piece of my mind. :angry:
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    Im gone for a week nobody to watch my fantail goldie..I do have a automatic feeder feeds twice a day will he be fine for a week? Or what?I will do a water change before I go and my room stays at 72 73 degrees What do you guys think?
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    Blue wrapping paper?

    Blue wrapping paper for an aquriam background I tried it didnt turn out too bad what do you guys think?
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    Name changing?

    Can I change my name to somthing else I don't want snail guy any more....
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    Desktop Backgrounds

    How do I make them? And can sombody find a bubble eyed goldfish background? and post it here thanks :)
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    Well I bumped my fan over and it hit my 29 gallon coldwater now theres a crack in it with a bit of water leaking theres a bubble eyed goldfish and a fancy tail My only option is to move them to a 10 gallon for a week Will they be fine? and how do i fix this?
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    Sea Shells?

    I wan't to know if I can put sea shells I think from ocean? In my freashwater tank With A fancy Tail goldfish and a bubble eyed goldfish? Can I if so does it affect nitrate or ammonia or anything like that thanks in advance
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    Bubble Eye Goldfish

    Well I have a bubble eyed goldfish a new one...And yesterday when I got him he was pretty active and now today he seems to be sitting at the bottom of the tank resting not very active but my fantail is really active...I don't get it or is it like bubble eyes to not be active? Thanks in advance.
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    Ok wierd question but..

    Why are baby fishes called fry I don't get it...Is it the term like small fry or somthing casue all it reminds me of is a french fry...
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    Locking Topics

    Is there a way we can lock our own topics?
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    Well I've seem to have taken an intrest in drawing characters funny looking ones and well I wanna know how to draw them well so they look nice but with no special pencils or anything so if you have any tips or sites or drawing to post please do thanks in advace :thumbs:
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    Plant question

    Hi Im cycling my 29 gallon and I wanna put in plants i'm just wondering hot to gravel vaccume cause im going to get a lot of plants and how to care cause I bought plant fizztabs Im a complete plant n00b oh and please note I AM adding fish.
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    Pelco tank

    Ok I have an empty 29 gallon and im cycling it and im wondering what kind of pelcos I can get for it im just planning this tank for pelcos nothing else.What kind do you think I can get when im done cycling ? Thanks in advance ;)
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    Need some information

    Ok im thinking about a coldwater 29gallon But...What fish would you reccomend what kind of decorations and how do I keep my water cold?! And will snails be able to live in it?
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    Please help!

    Well I came home today to dead fish.....No reason for it to die no doisease or anything but the wierd thing is that there was only half of it.....I don't get what happened to it.... I checked my water it was fine or tested it whatever...But I had a fish recently die from birth complicatioons In...
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    Housing platy fry

    Well my platie just had fry and I was wondering if I cqan put them in my 1-2 gallon betta tank with undergravel filter till they get a bit bigger will it be ok?
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    Oh My God!

    Oh My God!! I was looking in my tank this morning and my fish were all swimming happily...Then I saw it....My pregnent fish gave birth a day ago I only found ! of the babies but I didn't look hard but anyways I saw my fish dead with her stomach torn wide open I feel so bad what happened....Note...