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    Blue Rams Breeding

    Once any pair of rams breed they will stay a pair for most likely as long as theyre together. Blue rams are also not good parents. Especially the Asian bred ones. They will pretty much always eat their first spawn and most likely their second also. If you would like to successfully raise a batch...
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    Hi From Fl!

    What size is your community tank?
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    South American Community?

    Fundulopanchax gardneri would be your best bet in a community tank but I would choose some of the less nippier tetras as tankmates for them though.
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    Are These Snail Eggs?

    I'm thinking that some snail eggs of another species may have been attached to a plant that you may have bought and then hatched in your tank, grew up, and layed those eggs. Those are definitely snail eggs. I'd suggest removing them if you don't want to have tons of little baby snails in your...
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    How Do You Quote People?

    I have an iPad too and it wasn't letting me quote so that is why I asked the question but it's letting me now!
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    Peacock Gudgeons

    I have a trio of these in my 36 gallon community and they have breed a couple of times but the male eats them when they hatch. Next time I am gonna try to seperate the eggs to avoid this. Yours are so much prettier than mine! I can't wait till mine mature more.
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    Cockatoo Cichlid Breeding Advice?

    Does anyone have any advice? I have 2 ten gallon tanks that are empty and have just started cycling one of them. Is a ten gallon enough for a pair or trio? If not what is a good size tank? My limit( because of space issues) is most likely a 20 high.How do you condition the pair? What is the...
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    April 2013 - Fish Of The Month Winner

    I have a trio of peacock gudgeons and they breed almost monthly yet the male always eats the eggs after they hatch :(
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    Honduran Red Point In Community Tank

    I live near Richmond va
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    Honduran Red Point In Community Tank

    sorry didn't know how to quote
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    How Do You Quote People?

    How do you?
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    Honduran Red Point In Community Tank

    Thank you Wills for the info. Where could I find the appistogramma panduro? And my ph is like 7.2- 7.4. Would I need to lower it? If so what is a good range to shoot for so that my other fish will be just as happy as they are now?
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    Honduran Red Point In Community Tank

    I have a 36 gallon community tank with 8 harlequin rasboras, 5 Celebes rainbows, and a trio of peacock gudgeons. Would a pair of Honduran red points work? If not what other types of cichlids would work? I was thinking maybe a pair of rainbow cichlids if the Honduran red point idea doesn't work out.
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    Kribensis Or Honduran Red Point Cichlid?

    Which one is less aggressive?
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    Clown Killifish Stocking

    Does a 1 and a half inch fish really need 20 gallons?
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    Clown Killifish Stocking

    I am currently cycling a 10 gallon planted tank and was wondering how many clown killifish I can put in it. I can only find them in quantities of 10 on aquabid so is 10 overstocked? If so does anyone have any other sources for clown killifish that sells pairs or trios?
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    Fairly 'experienced' With Killies, Looking For A Solid Game Pl

    My only advice is to do smaller water changes. Killifish fry are very delicate and won't like that large of a water change. Also killifish fry are very small and may not be able to eat bbs at first. You may want to feed infusoria for the first couple days.
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    Kribensis Or Honduran Red Point Cichlid?

    Hi I am new to the forum and I have a question on stocking my 36 gallon community tank. I have 8 harlequin rasboras, 5 Celebes rainbow fish, and a trio of peacock gudgeons. I have been looking for another species of fish that hangs around the bottom of the tank and these two have caught my eye...