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    Transformers Lighting Up Orange ?

    yes the little white starters will light proir to bulb turning on, tank lid certainly is not ment for that tank, depending on fish you have could have jumpers so be aware, id reccomend either making or soucing a lid that will actually fit correctly ah just noticed you have glass sliders, so not...
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    Oscar Growth

    Nothing wrong with these guys, my oppinion true wild oscars are beautiful....these however im sure with age will colour up quite a bit
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    Pangas Cat

    Try pangasius hypophthalmus, pangasius sanitwongsei,
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    Identifying This Fish

    Lemon finned Barb..
  6. england

    Help Id The Eel

    Have a look at peacock eel or tyre track
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    Cherax Quad & Mature Oscars

    Haha but yes they are around,i saw aload of wild caughts in Colombia which were around 14inch-16inch, but in the wild they can grow alot bigger than tank kept..
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    Need An Id

    Corrr thats nice...
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    Jaguar Cichlid

    Way too small to determine the sex yet,nice looking...My old male looked the spit at that size
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    Do not have internet,,,lol I have a stunning Liosomodoras oncinus. also a Bagrichthys macracanthus which i managed to them for £40 the two... there around 6inches....The jaguar looks stunning with the dim lighting on my tank, with my pink tilapia common plec,green flier cichlid...
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    What Fishes You Would Never Have?

    Enough of the snakehead bashing :angry: Snakeheads are some of the best fish going, trust me,,,if kept under correct conditions they are amazing, obviously dumping them in waterways is just idiotic,,, They make the best parents ive ever seen, and look stunning if kept in correct condtions,,,I...
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    Finally She Said Yes!

    :lol: Couple of issues, first floor flat, got concrete floor, think itd be ok....but best to check, then the case of would it fit up stairs or in lift to flat, think not,,,so if i cut it up,then got someone to put it together in flat,
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    Finally She Said Yes!

    Doesnt it just, he will take offers around £500...oh i soooo want it
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    Finally She Said Yes!

    Lmfao....can you beleive ive spent the last two hours pouring over websites and just found exsact tand your looking at, theres a few second hands for sale im looking at, if not then im doing same as you... Ive found a brilliant ‎7.4ft x 3.6ft x 3.3ft tank with 6x2x2 sump tank that needs a new...
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    Hard Water

    I have very hard water,if i get a tank caked in white crust i use a new razor blade and scape it off carefully,. using a sponge one time a week i clean inside tank around pipes heater etc to stop build up
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    Show Off Your Fish

    Green flyer male with babys Green flyer male and female Male n female green flyer with oscar Featherfin syno catfish
  17. england

    Show Off Your Fish

    Male and female Oscar with featherfin syno catfish
  18. england

    My Pet Fish *^_^* (New Pics Added 26/03/13 :) )

    Looks good, im sure that was waterchange in motion :shifty:
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    Jack Dempsey

    Try removing the aggressive one, re arrange tank totally,leaving others in, then leave around a hour, then rebag and float aggressor for approx a half hour, then release
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    Oscar Sick

    Is that seriously over just a few weeks,wow....Unfortunately that is quite a bad case of Hith....You need very good filteration and good clean water,id preform water changes every other day, around 40%... Read this link, very good article, if you can find shelafishface, if i remember right she...