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  1. Discus-Tang

    Fp. Gardneri Eggs

    Does anyone know how moist the medium should be for incubating killifish eggs?
  2. Discus-Tang

    7 Gallon Planted Tank Journal

    Hey everyone, this is going to be where I post on my new planted tank. I'm already on my way to completing it but I'll give you all an in-depth guide to it. Specs - 7 gallon glass tank - Generic LED light (8w) - 155 gph power filter equipped with a spray bar - 25w Aqua One heater Ferts/CO2 -...
  3. Discus-Tang

    New Here!

    Hey, fellow fishkeepers! I've been keeping aquariums for a little over two years now and I'm excited to help and learn here :)