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  1. khial

    Digital Thermometers'?

    As title...has anyone had any experience with them and are they any good?
  2. khial

    Temperature Problems

    I've been having temperature problems in my main community tank (100L) for a couple of months now.   The heater(150 watt) is set at 28c but the thermometer says 25c.   1st thing I did was change the heater(another 150watt)....same problem...set the new heater at 28c and still get the 25c reading...
  3. khial

    New Boy!

    bought him earlier today, hes still a little shy so finding it hard to get a good picture...these ones really dont do him justice he'll be in this 26 litre until i have finished building the stand for his 60 litre:)  
  4. khial

    Whats Happening To My Fish?

    I have posted about this previously but cant seem to find an answer and now have managed to get pictures,   short story is....bought 5 red eye tetras from lfs, absolutely fine, there water was fine as is mine, 2-3 weeks later one was infected (pictured) not as bad as the picture, hes a lot worse...
  5. khial

    Which Lighting Do I Need?

    I have a 2x1x1 tank with no light, have been looking at the t8 set ups, can get a new controller for around £15 and bulb for £5   Would this be suitable? i plan on having live plants, £20 is my budget obviously i know i cant get much for that, was hoping to get a used one but doesnt seem to be...
  6. khial

    Fungal Infection Treatment?

    I noticed a pink growth on one of my Red Eye Tetras at the bottom of his top fin, the next day, the fin had split leaving a gap where the growth is if you get me...   I was unable to treat him immediately but did so as soon as was possible (around 4 days later)    In this 4 day period 2 other...
  7. khial


    I have a aqua clear tank fully set up but just no light.   I'm not bothered about which light, a lights a light to me, but i will be keeping live plants.   can anyone suggest the cheapest way/what i will need, to get a light in there.   must be cheap as the mrs will "kill me if i spend anymore...
  8. khial

    3D Background Build

    I am going to build a 3d background using polystyrene...does anyone know all the materials needed?? or cheaper alternatives??, I have researched it but can only find versions in USA which they have different names for it all over there, its took me a week to find out that "Styrofoam" is just...
  9. khial


    I have a 6 gal, planted tank with 9 platy fry bit of bogwood and small gravel, running a sponge filter air powered..   the tank is only 3 weeks old and is growing quite alot of algae on the bogwood and on the plants???   confused as its contents were out of my 100 litre and ive had no trouble...
  10. khial

    Opinions And Advice On My Main Tank

    Hi all,  another advice post, This is what I like to think of as my finished tank, however i do feel like i could add or change something, and i have just been informed that the little plants at the front with strong veins are no aquatic:) no longer in there!!        
  11. khial

    Betta Tank Advice/opinions Please

    I currently have a 25 litre tank set up currently holding 9 Platy fry, when these are old enough to be moved it will be home to a Male HM Betta, it has an air powered filter, 75 watt flat heater, live palnts, bogwood.....please share ypur opinions on the set and some advice will be great...this...
  12. khial

    My Females,1 Poorly, Very Bad Fish Keeper :(

    this one has got to be my favourite, she was the first in the tank...... unfortunately we had a big accident yesterday while doing a water change, i turned around to make sure water was going in the thing water spit and i hear a little splash...she had swam to close to the hose...
  13. khial

    100L Or 78L? Confused?

    Hi all,   i have a aqua one ufo 550...on the aqua one website it states that it is 100 litres.....but on the instructions from the aqua one website it say 78 litres   which one is it????? and stupid i know but i dont have a way of measuring
  14. khial

    5 Gal On Homemade Stand

    This is my 5 gal, home to 9 Platy fry, soon to be Halfmoon Male Betta, sat on a stand I made yesterday using 3/4 inch MDF, just waiting for some dark walnut vinyl to cover it
  15. khial

    Uploading Photos?

    hi all,    could someone please tell me how you upload photos from photobucket so they show on the page... i have tried copying the link and using the icon to add image but i really have no clue what im doing.   thankss
  16. khial

    Moving Platy Fry

    Hi all, I wanted to move the fry out of the hatchery in my main tank into their own tank...whats the best way of moving them? Thanks
  17. khial

    Where To Buy?

    Hi all We will be looking to purchase a halfmoon Male Betta over the next month or so...could anyone advise on the best place to get them from?? thanks
  18. khial

    Hob External Filters?

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has experience with hang on back filters? I have bought a 25 litre tank for my platy fry and then will be home for a Male Betta when the fry have moved up. its currently running a air powered under gravel filter (I think thats what it is, I've never seen...
  19. khial

    Platy Giving Birth Right Now!

    my platy is giving birth right now, didnt notice how long its been goin on for but the fry seem top be active, when should i remove her (mummy)from the hatchery??? i dont want her to eat them all thanks youu
  20. khial

    Fin Rot On Female Betta?

    Hi everyone, just been staring at the you do when i noticed 2 slits on one of my female bettas fins, i have never experienced fin rot before so unsure if this could be it