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  1. nkd5024

    44L Nano Reef Tank

    A powerhead is probably the choice you want as you said you wanted to stay on the cheaper size.  A powerhead is just a pump that pushes water straight ahead of it and nothing more, whereas a wavemaker will ramp up/down and use pre-programmed modes to simulate different wave patterns on the reef.
  2. nkd5024

    Wanting To Join The Salty Side Of Life...

    Welcome, it definitely can be difficult to find a single source of all the information you need. For a fish only tank you could probably skip on the protein skimmer which is the main filtration for most coral tanks and use a canister filter but for the size tank your usings (120 liter correct?)...
  3. nkd5024


    I've had an mp40 on my 75 gallon (283 liter) for around 3 years now and just replaced my other two pumps (koralias) with an mp10 and I love it. It is very nice to have all the varied speed programs to choose from. I also really like the look of having no cord in the water. The only downside...
  4. nkd5024

    Anyone Using Leds.

    I will chime in on the DIY led fixtures. I built two dimmable led fixtures for my 75 gallon reef tank for around $250 each. They each run at a maximum of 115 watts a piece. I used a mixture of royal blue, cool white, green, red, and cyan leds. I replaced two 250 watt matal halides and am...
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    Nick's 75 Gallon Mixed Reef Journal

    Steve, The entire project is designed by myself; code, bitmaps, hardware (other than the arduino mega and a few libraries to talk to the lcd screen). I am not sure if I am allowed to post links to other forums or not but I have a thread on reefcentral in the DIY section for the controller. I...
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    Corals For A Low Light Nano

    yellow head jawfish in a 10 gallon? They get pretty big for a 10 gallon.
  7. nkd5024

    My First Attempt At Marine (cheap Custom Tank 80ish Litres)

    Thats a nice looking torch. The only to watch is that it gets enough flow.
  8. nkd5024

    My First Attempt At Marine (cheap Custom Tank 80ish Litres)

    In my opinion, Xenia can can be harder to control than caulerpa. At least Caulerpa comes off the rock with ease, although it does grow a tad faster. Make sure the xenia doesn't touch any rock you don't want it on. I would recommend using super glue to cover the holes you pull caulerpa from...
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    My Marine Adventure

    From the photo he looks more like a starry blenny to me. He may get big for your tank down the road but he looks fine for now. Brine shrimp isn't the most nutritious of foods, I would try some mysis shrimp. I love the "coral polyps" on his head!
  10. nkd5024

    My First Attempt At Marine (cheap Custom Tank 80ish Litres)

    Unfortunately thats not the case as with corals. The species I have in my refugium has entire root networks throughout my sand bed. Trimming will be the only method of controlling it, either while theres only a small amount of it or when you have a nice covering of it. You could let it cover...
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    I must warn you, marine tanks are highly addictive and you may never be the same once you delve in. That being said, "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist Second Edition" by Robert Fenner is an excellent book for first time marine aquarists as well as anyone who already has a tank. I got this...
  12. nkd5024

    My First Attempt At Marine (cheap Custom Tank 80ish Litres)

    Yup sure is. You sure got some nicely cycled rock, well worth the money compared to non-cycled, that is why you barely saw a cycle. You could try picking it off the rock with some tweezers but it is very likely the roots are within the rock and it will keep coming back. If your willing to...
  13. nkd5024

    Help With Sump/overflow System!

    whoops meant to add that in there, thanks for adding! I think some manufacturers will use that sticker even if just the bottom pane is tempered as well. So best bet would be to call them and ask.
  14. nkd5024

    Suitable Fish For Tmc 30, 6.6 Gallon

    A few companies, JBJ for example, have 12 gallon nano cubes that hide everything in the back. They usually aren't too difficult to find used for a reasonable price. As far as fish for a 6 gallon maybe a single Clown or Neon Goby with a few specimens of zoas.
  15. nkd5024

    Help With Sump/overflow System!

    IMO drilling the tank is the best solution. I drilled my first tank for my brother over the summer, a 24gal nano cube and it went smooth as I could hope for. There are many tutorials online on how to drill aquariums. You can check out this link for an entire overflow solution box with...
  16. nkd5024

    Ro Unit. Can You Recommend A Good One?

    Don't know if this helps as i'm in the US but has great RO units at a nice price. For $200 they have a 75gpd 5stage RO with DI canister, TDS meter, and pressure gauge or for $125 they have a 75gpd 4 stage RO unit with no DI.
  17. nkd5024

    Stocking 190 Us Gallon Fowlr

    This is a fun size tank to pick fish for, I have always wanted a FOWLR tank for all the fish I could never get because of my coral :( Some of my favorites, 1) Achilles Tang 2) Harlequin Tuskfish 3) Emperor Angel 5) Pakistan Butterfly 6) Golden Semilarvatus Butterflys 7) Blue Throat Trigger...
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    Nick's 75 Gallon Mixed Reef Journal

    Also found a nice show of my duncan, Here a few photos from the LED build. Supplies: Finished: I have since removed the lens to increase the spread of the leds. There is a dimmable channel of blue and white leds on each fixture as well as a green/red/cyan channel that runs through both...
  19. nkd5024

    Nick's 75 Gallon Mixed Reef Journal

    So I somehow got side tracked for a full year? I found this thread via a google search and figured now would be a great time for an update! Since my last post my tank has completely crashed due to unknown reasons. One of my metal halide pendants quit working and it took me around month to...
  20. nkd5024

    Are Anthias Compatible With Other Anthias?

    in a tank of 500 gallons it isn't usually a problem, although in smaller tanks you have to be careful. I wouldn't add the bartlett's, they are the one species that usually does not mix well with any other species as they are quite aggressive. The Lyretail anthias, while being one of the easier...