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    Treating A Betta For Dropsy: I Have To Try!

    My 2.5 year old female betta has been swollen for a few days and this morning I noticed slight pineconing. I went to the local Petsmart to pick up as much stuff as i could. I know that dropsy is a symptom, not a disease, so i got the widest spectrum of treatments i could find. I now have: -...
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    Starting A Dropsy Treatment

    So, I went to the local Petsmart to pick up as much stuff as i could. I know that dropsy is a symptom, not a disease, so i got the widest spectrum of treatments i could find. I now have: - Maracyn - Maracyn II - Epsom salt - Aquarium salt - Water test strips - And a new silk plant as an...
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    Constipated? Or Am I Seeing Things?

    So, I fasted my fish for about two days, especially after she seemed kinda swollen. Now, her behavior (interest in food, swimming, curiosity) seems back to normal, and there was a great big poop in the corner of her tank! The problem is, even after pooping, she still looks swollen to me. What...
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    Any Advice, Learned Ones?

    About a day ago my betta became much less active than usual, even to the point of not being interested in food (she ate one Hikari pellet earlier today, but when i dropped another one right in front of her face, she didn't even care). Usually, like most bettas, she is a shameless beggar about...
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    Poorly Betta

    My friend's formerly healthy, young male betta is exhibiting some symptoms and we're not sure exactly what's wrong with him. He ballooned up a little towards his front end and this ballooning is translucent. He seems to be having difficulty swimming, though he is not lying on his side as in...
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    Cycling In A Small Tank

    Hey all, How can i make sure i'm properly cycling a small (2.5 gal) tank without spending big bucks? Are there cheap reusable water test kits? Are there special dangers in cycling a little tank like that? Thanks!
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    Bettas And Vitamin C

    Is it true that bettas need sunlight, or else will become deficient in vitamin c? There isn't a lot of natural light where I live (Ohio, USA) in the winter... is there another way to deal with this?
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    Feeding Enough?

    I know bettas aren't supposed to eat too much; I've been giving my little female 3 Hikari pellets a day (and a couple times a week substituting one of those pellets with a few freeze-dried bloodworms). I recently bumped her up to 4 pellets a day, because she goes CRAZY at feeding time. If I...
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    Snails And Bettas?

    Can anyone tell me: is a snail a suitable companion for my betta? She's alone in a 2.5 gallon. what kind of snail should i look for, and what special needs would it have? (how the hell do you care for a snail anyway?) Thanks so much.
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    Bored Bettas

    I worry about my betta getting bored while I'm out. I've tried giving her ping pong balls to play around with but she doesn't care about them at all! What do you all think? Can our little friends make their own amusement? Brains too small for boredom?
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    Water Changes

    How often do you change the water in a 2.5 gallon tank? I realize the more the better on the one hand, but on the other hand by betta is severely stressed out by them. Thanks.
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    Oldest Betta?

    How long did your oldest betta live? Any tips or tricks for happy geriatric bettas?
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    Tiny Betta Too Small To Eat!

    My betta Wendy has never been a finicky eater. Since I got her two years ago, I've been feeding her Tetramin flakes most days and freeze-dried bloodworms a couple times a week as a treat. I finally got her some decent food to replace the Tetramin (Hikari betta bio-gold pellets). My fish is...
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    Advice On Water Changes In A Bigger Tank?

    Hi, I think it's high time I moved my betta into a bigger tank. Nothing huge, just a few gallons, but big enough that I won't be able to carry it back and forth from the bathroom... I was wondering if some of the experienced betta owners had any advice on how to do partial (or whole) water...
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    Air Travel With My Betta?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, though I've had my betta Wendy for about two years. (She's nothing special in breeding or color, but she's got a hell of a personality.) I've taken her on long (8 hours) car rides before and she's been fine; I keep her in a large open nalgene bottle, half full, so...