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    Aquarium Frame

    Hello all; I just acquired a 100 gallon free! The dimensions are 60x19x20 and it is 1/2" glass. My question is ; is there is some of the top framing missing. where can I get more OR can this aquarium be ok without top framing at all? See pics below. Ok this is the aquarium. It was really...
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    Plans For A New Mbuna Tank

    Hello all! I have been fish-keeping for many years and have had many tanks including 2 x 80 gallon Oscar tanks And 20 to 40 gallon community tanks and presently I have One 25g goldfish tank with 2 goldfish (the pick shows 3 fish but there is only 2 now) and a 20g community tank with: 1 x...
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    New Here...need Guidance

    This is my first post here. Ok here is the scenario: Rescued 3 standard Goldfish about 8 months ago who were not fed in weeks, were in a 10 gallon tank with no aeration and the HOB filter had quit...not to mention the water was green and the small tank was 25% empty (due to water evaporation)...