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    Red mark on Platy

    Come home to find a red mark/sore on one of my platys. The others are also quite skittish. It's unusual for them to be hiding. I have melafix and primafix in the cupboard. Is it worth trying these? I lost a Cory on Sunday but wondering if maybe due to these being new fish that ? readings are...
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    Have I got this wrong??

    Got my tank cycled and added 7 male guppies and a mix of 7 platys. Turns out 3 males for 4 females. Two of the males have been constantly chasing one of the females all the others have been left alone. I’ve gone and bought 2 females today to try and up the female numbers. They still seem...
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    Too many fish too soon??

    I’m approaching the end of my tank cycle(at last!) and looking ahead at the moment I can finally add fish. Tank is 150l cube shaped. Got a fluval 307 external, wanted more filteration than the 207. PH is currently 8, out of the tap is 7. KH is 15 and GH 20 (hard water here!) So my actual...
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    Too much ammonia??

    Currently in the process of cycling my new tank. Got ammonia readings of around 3/4ppm and last night took a reading of nitrite which is at it's current highest reading of 4. Every time the ammonia drops below 3ppm I have been topping up the ammonia to feed the bacteria. I'm now wondering if...
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    Pebbles from the beach??

    is it ok to use pebbles and stones from the beach in your tank??
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    How many filters do you use???

    Just read this on a website from an article in the plant forum... “If possible, give preference to two smaller, independent filters than a single larger one. It makes things easier for you and more secure for your tank - if one of the filters clogs or stops working you don't lose all of your...
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    Help me justify the set up cost :D

    Hi everyone, Been lurking in the background for a little while so thought would take the plunge (haha!) and sign up. Bit of background, I had a few tanks around over 10 years ago including a lovely 6ft coldwater tank with fancy goldfish but got far too attached and upset when I lost them after...