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    Red Claw Crab Set Up (need Examples)

    Hi, i was wondering if people would be able to post up examples of their Red Claw Crab set ups as i'm struggling for inspiration and examples would be greatly appreciated as still researching them at the moment so trying my best to plan ahead. Thanks!
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    Opinion Was wondering if anyone had ordered the 24" set from above..It says Does this sound like a good deal for £8.95. I'm hoping this will give me a good area to start in terms of planting as i dont really know what id need if i bought...
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    Can I Salvage Anything From This Lot Of Java Moss?

    Well i ordered some plants from greenline not so long ago (well 18th of last month) and they didnt turn up (due to royal mail) so he kindly sent me the plants again via special delivery and they arived next day.. Well, the plants that should of turned up originally a month ago have arived. The...
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    Kh & Gh

    Tested my GH and KH (from tap water), and i got 17.9ppm for each. Is this good or bad? Once i get my gravel i'm going to use a DIY nutrafin kit for co2.
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    Dead Cory, Seems Like Blood Near Scale Surface?

    Tank size: 125l pH: 6.0 ammonia: 2.0 nitrite:0.25 nitrate:80 - 160 kH: N/A gH: N/A tank temp: 26.0 c Fish Symptoms: 1 dead cory. Noticed when i got home, was dead and has blood at the suface of scales. Volume and Frequency of water changes: 30l weekly. Chemical Additives or Media in your...
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    Propagation By Runners?

    A few of the plants i've been looking at on says 'Propagation by runners', and i have some dwarf leaf clover which is propagated by runners, but how do i propergate the plants? Do i just cut off the runners and plant them on their own? Or let them find their own way into the substrate?
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    Substrate Suitable For A 50l Tank? Wouldnt it need to state that its suitable for an aquarium of X area, rather than volume? Would this bag be suitable for a juwel rekord 70? EDIT: Well, it isnt loading for me any more, but its a JBL (i think) Aquabasic plus 2.5l bag.
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    Having Problems With My C02 Mix

    Sorry for posting earlier then editing it asking for it to be deleted, thought i'd sorted my problem.. I have a nutrafin c02 DIY kit and after reading about how rubbish the packets provided were, i thought it would be sensible to make a DIY mixture. After reading a few i've seen most of them say...
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    What Do You Do With Your Co2 Systems During The Night?

    I've read that leaving you're Co2 on over night can cause big PH swings, and i dont want this to happen. So do i just unhook the tubing from the canister until the morning and then reconnect it? Although doesnt this waste co2? But i can hardly block the hole as it would explode :crazy: . I've...
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    Nutrafin Co2 Bubble Counter/diffuser (update, Replacement Has Been Sen

    Ok, i recieved my hagen nutrafin plant system and i was pleased with it until i realised my co2 bubble counter/diffuser had a crack in: Not sure if it would work or not, i sent them an email. After looking at the auto reply it states if...
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    Did Anyone See Csi: Ny Last Night On Ch5?

    I was watching CSI:NY last night, and they were doing the autopsy and they cut this guys stomach open and pulled out some bettas.. Not sure if they were real or not but they looked it (dead). The guy had eaten them at a night club where they had bettas in tanks.. :rolleyes:
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    Any Chance Of A Planted Substrate Sticky?

    The information in the stickys is great, but i was wondering if anyone could give a substrate one a go. I'm confused at whats needed, either laterite, flourite, aquarium compost, and then if its mixed or if a sand/gravel is put on top. Also the differences between the available planted...
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    Plant Identity Needed

    I'm looking for an idenification for the plant at the back on the right hand side. Hopefully i'll be able to post it in the pass on plants thread as it's growing well (its bigger than it currently is, and its filled out well). Thanks.
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    Identity Needed.

    Friend of mine wants to know what this is on his leafes. Any ideas?
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    Luke's Planted Tank Journal

    I'm thinking of using my spare tank as a planted tank, might end up being an experiment to start with, but if it picks up it might turn into a fully functioning planted tank. One problem, its a tall tank, and is 35cm high. Currently the light is a 10w 'bulb', it isnt a normal tube like light...
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    Marsilea Crenata - Dwarf 4 Leaf Clover

    Just bought some from Greenline, wondered if anyone had any experience with it? States it requires under average lighting, so thats good to hear for me :).
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    Anyone Delt With

    I placed an order with them a while back (month or 3) and i never recieved it, nor were i charged for it :S . I emailed them, no reply. I thought oh forget it :grr: . Yesturday i placed another order, hoping it would work this time. For those of you who use online banking, it shows available...
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    Reflectors - Double Wattage?

    I was looking at some reflectors the other day and it states it doubles the wattage of lights via reflection. Is this true or is it just a way to get people to buy them?
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    How External Filters Fit Into The Aquarium

    I was wondering if any of you would be so kind as to post some pictures of how you set up your external filter in your tank. I am clueless to how they work, and if it its two pipes, one to suck the water into the filter and one to put it back into the aquarium, dont fish swim into the pipes? Cheers.
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    Can someone give me a bit of advice here please. I was going to buy these lights here: But after contacting Arfie via pm, he told me that he had some burn out, not 100% sure if its the exact LED ones but i cant see any other LED ones...