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    Co2 Fire Extinguishers - Empty

     condition:good condition Quantity for sale:2 Reason for Sale:no longer needed Delivery or Collection:collection only Sales price:free Willing to Ship (Yes or No):no Location: leeds ls25     i have 2x empty 2kg co2 fire extinguishers that are free to anyone who is willing to collect them both on...
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    Activated Carbon

    thinking of getting some activated carbon to try to get rid of the  yellow look my tank has but as my tank is quite heavily planted would it remove the  liquid ferts i dose daily? looked around on a few sites but there seems alot of conflicting opinions on the subject.
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    Iquatics T5

    is there anybody using  iquatics t5 tropical bulbs are they any good ?
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    Co2 Fe Refill

    any one know of a place that will refill my co2 fire extinguisher in the leeds area as i dont think the one i have will last much longer