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    Now Sold 16/01/2010

    Been a while since ive been on here! Had to check my profile to see if I was in the right place :blink: Well Ive recently (and finally) moved out my parents house and as much as I have tried to convince my Mum to look after the tank (too heavy for my apartment) she says its got to go. Im...
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    6'x2'x2' 180 Gallon Tank And Fish For Sale

    Been a while since ive been on here! Had to check my profile to see if I was in the right place :blink: Well Ive recently (and finally) moved out my parents house and as much as I have tried to convince my Mum to look after the tank (too heavy for my apartment) she says its got to go. Im...
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    Sticking Wood To Glass

    Alrite guys, havent posted on here in a while. im currently redecorating my room and my 6ft tank needs a hood to tidy it up. Im gonna cheat or atleast try and im gonna stick a piece of wood along the back and attach some hinges to it for the hood then jus have another bit along the front...
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    Red Finned Chalceus

    Alrite guys, one of my red finned chalceus has jus been swimming round in circles since sunday morning. if anyone knos these fish then they dont really swim around much unless there shocked and even then they jus shoot to the other end of the tank. it seems like his swim bladder is damaged or...
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    Fish Importer Killed In Floods?

    Some of you may have seen a man was killed when he got his foot caught in a drain yesterday. Reading the sun this morning it was a man called Mike Barnett and was apparently a tropical fish importer for many years. not one of us was it?
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    My Oscar Keeps Flaring At The Glass And Rocks.

    hes been doing it a week or so now, doesnt do it all the time but enough for me to notice. at first i thought he could see his reflection but hes started doing it to rocks too. he opens his mouth and gills and pushes against the rocks/glass. tank readings were all normal on sunday eve after...
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    Need A Quick Answer To This Please

    my friends jus rung in a bit of a tizzy because his heaters cracked when he moved house. the bottom of the glass has broken off and he sed the piece was about 1". will the heater still work jus for tonight or will it explode if he plugs it in? i dont kno if the glass is to keep it water...
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    Ok, I Need Help.

    ok ill start from the beggining. last december i went on holiday for a week and left my 180g tank the clearest ive ever seen it. my mum was in charge of feeding and when i returned the tank had started to go cloudy. now my mums normally really good so io thought this was strange but jus...
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    House Md

    Me and my girlfriend have watched this since the start and its great! Hugh Laurie is a genious and the others support him really well. up to around episode 13 of season 3 now and glad to here he won an award for it recently. this is the website for anyone who hasnt seen it...
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    Lizards - A Little Advice On Where To Start.

    not that im getting bored of fish or anything but i was thinking of converting one of my tanks to house a lizard/s. it would be either my 55 gallon tank or 80 gallon aquarium (for suggesting lizards later :nod: ) and thats about as far as ive got in the planning stage lol. My sister and her...
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    2 Big Plecs, 1 Big Tank.

    thinking of rehoming a second plec, its a sailfin and around 10" in size. i already have a 10" common in the tank he would go in, would they be ok? the tanks 180g so theres plenty of space for em.
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    Paralysed Black Moor?

    Ive got 4 small (ish) goldfish and 2 black moors in my 55 gallon and after watching 5 of them tear around after one of the blackmoors ive come to the conclusion that shes female and there all male. anyway, the chasing only happened for a couple of hours after the weekly water changes (guessing...
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    How Do You Tell If An Apple Snail Is Dead?

    title says it all really but i dont think the snails moved since last night or this morning atleast and its not totally back in its shell. tried moving it a lil and it didnt move at all but it jus seems a weird position to die in unless it had some sort of heart attack and jus died really...
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    I Get New Camera, You Get New Pics!

    i got a fuji z3 digital cam a couple of days ago so ive jus been playing with settings. dont have a clue what im doing lol. Looking down the end of my 80 gal community. Bristlenose Plec Bolivian Ram Baby Green Severum and Pearl Gourami My Angel Pair Full Tank Shot My new look...
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    Fish And Old Age.

    im jus wondering because my RTBS is starting to look a bit pale. hes still as active as ever chasing everyone he can lol but hes definately getting a bit paler over the last month or so. jus wondering if its cos hes old and on his way out? hes about 6" so hes pretty big and been that way...
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    8 Us Gallon Tank. (16x10x10)

    well ill start by saying i dont want to do a nano im jus thinking a couple of pieces of small live rock and fish if theres any that can live in an 8g? i have a filter for it, if i got a skimmer and heater then is that all i need? is there any fish that could go in the tank that size? how...
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    Plant Id Please.

    Hey, i bought this plant from my LFS about a week ago and it has these weird white balls around the roots. i was wondering what it was and whats going on with the roots? plants with the green and white leaves. thanx in advance!!
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    Van Load Of Mopani Wood On Ebay.

    someone could make a right profit from this one! selling the pieces at a fiver each would turn a profit and you could get way more than that. £1 at the mo and not long left to go either.
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    Some New Pics.

    Well i finally got round to spending money on some plants for my tanks and i got sick of the castle in the goldfish tank so switched it out for a more natrural look. all comments welcome :) this is what the 55g goldfish tank used to look like. this is it now :) the gang my first...
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    How Often Do You Clean Your Internal Filter?

    Jus been told you should only clean your internal filter once every month+ and ive been doing it once a week for the past year of my fish keeping life. when i say clean i mean fill a bowl with aquarium water and squeeze the filter pads to get all the crap out. im only making the thread cos i...