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  1. Ninjouzata

    Rex The Flowerhorn

    Oh boy it's been a while. I did move Rex to the 129 gallon quite a while ago, the bump remained though. This is the most recent picture I have, he looks much darker I believe due to the black sand/black background but he has more space. :)
  2. Ninjouzata

    Bichirs the dinosaur in my home

    :wub: What a cutiepie! I almost fell into the same temptation many times at petco. I have heard instances of ornate bichirs eating the smaller ones so I don't think I personally would do it..but I've also heard that if they're around the same size and kept well fed that they may not. Ornates...
  3. Ninjouzata

    Rex The Flowerhorn

    I mean, his mouth wasn't like this before I left. I had him 3-4 months before I left and then was gone for 3 months. I don't think they have a lot of feeling on their koks, and when I first got him he would sit directly underneath the heater. I didn't have the heater guard on it yet. I don't...
  4. Ninjouzata

    Rex The Flowerhorn

    I asked the guy I bought him from and he said the mouth thing isn't uncommon and can come from pushing against the glass or an object too much. We have a mirror for him which my dad might have overused while I was in Canada I think. I'm thinking about switching him and the ranchus since they're...
  5. Ninjouzata

    Nin's Tanks

    It's been a long time, I'm sorry. I don't really have any good pictures as I lost my camera so I need to use my dads which I'm not good with :( But it's something at least. We moved the ranchus to the 129g, although I am thinking of switching them and my flowerhorn since he is in a 40g breeder...
  6. Ninjouzata

    Rex The Flowerhorn

    It's been a while. That bump on his head never went away, and the breeder had never seen anything like it either. I went to Canada again for 3 months, came back and I didn't realize just how much he'd grown til I took pictures today and compared to his old ones. I lost my camera so I'm having to...
  7. Ninjouzata

    Can anyone recognize this freshwater plant?

    Sort of reminds me of anacharis, but I don't think that's quite it ><
  8. Ninjouzata

    New 10 Litre Tank

    I personally wouldn't put any fish in it but a betta would be doable. I'm not sure what kind of shrimp to suggest, sorry. If you can post your pH and water hardness someone may be able to help better :)
  9. Ninjouzata

    New 10 Litre Tank

    Some shrimp would be lovely in there :)
  10. Ninjouzata

    Peacock Gudgeons: Journey Of The Fry

    Awwwww! :wub: Love that you can see the fry inside the tube, and the music.
  11. Ninjouzata

    Alasse's Tanks

    Hope the move goes well! <3
  12. Ninjouzata


    How many gallons is your tank and what fish do you currently have in it? How did you clean it and what part of the filter did you change?
  13. Ninjouzata

    So Happy

    Congrats! They're really cute :wub:
  14. Ninjouzata

    Nin's Tanks

    Thanks! I love their chubby faces :D
  15. Ninjouzata

    Problem: Betta Is Gobbling Up Tankmates Food!

    The white cloud minnows need cooler water than the betta, and bettas do not get lonely. They also can have some issues arise from over-eating by taking their tankmate's food, which is why I no longer keep bettas with anything.   I would re-home the minnows or set up a separate tank.
  16. Ninjouzata

    Need Help

    Did you cycle your tank before adding the fish? What are the water parameters (pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate)? When did you add the gourami/how long have you had him? What is the temperature?
  17. Ninjouzata

    Nin's Tanks

    Thank you, I think so too :wub:
  18. Ninjouzata

    Rex The Flowerhorn

    Haha. Thank you! And yeah..what Ch4rlie said   Thank you I showed these pics to the person I got him from and he said he's never seen this sort of thing happen, usually it just heals, not form a bump. He's going to ask the breeder about it.
  19. Ninjouzata

    Nin's Tanks

    Thanks Skae   Got some pics of Ymir and the ranchus today. The ranchus are way too wiggly, sorry for the blurriness. Gotta fix the cyano ><       Rest will be in spoilers and they're of Ymir    
  20. Ninjouzata

    Rex The Flowerhorn

    Thought I would post an update on Rex. His head has healed, sort of..I'm not sure why it's doing what it's doing though.