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  1. PrincessKiara

    My Dog Tore Up My Java Moss!

    I'm not concerned lol, not about Jasmine anyway. If I don't watch her, she'll eat garbage or raid the cat's litter box, for crying out loud :p Besides, she didn't eat it, she just tore it into pieces the way she does with the grass in the yard. Grr.   But moss is slow growing right? Won't it...
  2. PrincessKiara

    Possible Fry

    Congrats! :D Nets don't seem to work for very small fry. I had to catch my zebra danio fry with a plastic drinking cup... Good luck! I'm rooting for the little guy! LOL <3
  3. PrincessKiara

    My Dog Tore Up My Java Moss!

    What can I do for it? Even if it survives, will it still be useful for anything tankscaping-wise? She hates water, but was so desperate to tear my poor moss that she stuck her nose in it anyway to steal it and then stood wagging her tail at me and begging for a bone in the midst of all the...
  4. PrincessKiara

    Can't Id Plants...urgent Help Please!

    Thank yooooouuuuu! *snugs* I love you! lol xD ;) I don't have a tank yet but I want to start propagating, with my betta's help ;) and with the help of Cancun's sun. Now I want ALL of the ones you mentioned!!!! Did some research ahaha. Love them xD
  5. PrincessKiara

    Can't Id Plants...urgent Help Please!

    Hi guys! Sorry for the last-minute post, but a guy is going to deliver some white silica sand to me tomorrow and I need to ID the plants soon before I order them so he can bring both at the same time. Can someone please help me ID these? I'm pretty sure some of them are crypts but....  I swear I...
  6. PrincessKiara

    The Great Big Exploding Fish Tank!

    But it's very uncommon. ...Riiiiight????   One of my neighbors had his 3000-liter SALTWATER REEF tank EXPLODE right in front of him. Needless to say, his new tank is now only 120L...
  7. PrincessKiara

    Sand And Ph Experiment

    Why not try the experiment with clean, unused sand and gravel? That would dispel all doubts, I believe ;)
  8. PrincessKiara

    The Great Big Exploding Fish Tank!   o3o what a nightmare!! THAT is why my mom doesn't want me to build a 50-gallon tank. >_< DX
  9. PrincessKiara

    Chat's Dead?

    Nobody is ever in chat anymore... I hope this site isn't dying like what happened to WWM. That would break my heart... :(
  10. PrincessKiara

    White Sand In Planted Aquarium?

    Also, is silica sand inert? I've heard it is. It's the kind I had, and many people are saying it's totally chemically inert...   EDIT: Yeah, I know. Paging the DoRD... ;)
  11. PrincessKiara

    White Sand In Planted Aquarium?

    That's JUST what I need my sand to do! But I'm in Cancun so things are not readily available here. What kinds of light colored sand lower pH and hardness? Please tell me xD My water is like SUPER hard, leaving mineral deposits everywhere, and I wanna keep discus! Using other water than tap is...
  12. PrincessKiara

    What Are Literally The Most Hardy Plants You Can Get?

    I don't have much experience with plants, but personally, I've had a LOT of success with hornwort, duckweed (more than I wanted), Amazon sword, micro sword, corkscrew Vallisneria, and Crypts of many different types. I can't seem to keep Elodea alive, though.
  13. PrincessKiara

    White Sand In Planted Aquarium?

    Hello all! I'm back at long, long last! And FINALLY I met a fellow aquarist in person, who will help me build my own tank! I want at least a 60g. But I'm gonna start propagating my plants now if possible, in a jar in the yard... cause now I live in Cancun and there is lots of sun for them. I...
  14. PrincessKiara

    What Languages Do You Speak?

    Try searching on that's where I met my i-BFF and Romanian teacher :D Good luck! *hugs* I know how tough it can be to do things like that--I'm hoping to study my university in Romania which means I'd be leaving sometime next year and staying for at least 4 or 5 years...if I wanna do...
  15. PrincessKiara

    Fish Keeps Flashing

    Flashing? Is he wearing an intermittent transparency cloak? :P Sorry, couldn't resist. ;) I've always found that term hilarious. Does he have white sand-like spots on his skin? The salt helping tells me that it might be ich...might wanna try raising the temp a bit. Hope this helps! ~PK.
  16. PrincessKiara

    I Found Tiny Fish On My Tank! Help!

    You needn't go to all this trouble, if they really are danio fry. Just feed 'em flake crushed as fine as you can make it!   (I've raised zebra danios before.)   Hope this helps!
  17. PrincessKiara

    Tips For Catching Danios

    Ugh, danios are notoriously hard to catch :P   Use a big net. Feed them, but while holding the net motionless in the tank. Wait for them to swim over it. Then flick it up quickly. This always works for me :)
  18. PrincessKiara

    Fry Emergency

    Take out the gravel and stash it in another tank if you're worried about it drying out or getting dirty or something ;) Then put it back in as soon as the fry are big enough not to go through it.
  19. PrincessKiara

    Fry Emergency

    Just remove the substrate ;) I never put any in fry tanks, except perhaps super fine sand, for that very reason...
  20. PrincessKiara

    Camp Nanowrimo April 2014

    Is anyone else participating in this year's April Camp NaNoWriMo?  What are your word count goals? What are you writing about? My parents say I'm very rebellious, but for some reason here I'm not a rebel. Maybe I should be, just to keep up appearances. But I don't really want to...   I'm doing a...