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  1. pkppv

    Does Shoaling/schooling Behavior Fade Over Time?

    In my experience, I have noticed that many of my shoaling fish start out in very tight, beautiful schools, as if they were a single animal. Then, they seem to slowly get away from this behavior, and the school because less and less compact until they become completely unattached individuals who...
  2. pkppv

    Anyone Have This Stuff?

    I have a biowheel 350. Got it for 10 bucks used from a store going out of business. Sometimes it has motor trouble and the media is kindof tricky. If it gets too....shall we say....saturated?....then the cartridges lean on my bios eels and stop them from spinning. Even so, this filter has always...
  3. pkppv

    Pregnant Fishes

    Mollies are usually pregnant for a month before giving birth. You know that they are past the halfway point If you can see a dark spot near the anal fin. The darker it is, the closer they are to giving birth
  4. pkppv

    Do The Lights Matter Whn Adding New Inverts?

    It was not intentional...I was using the drip method and i left it alone and my drip rate slowed down over time. I did heat the bucket water so all was well.
  5. pkppv

    First Saltwater Tank

    just an update. Everything is alive and doing very well!
  6. pkppv

    First Saltwater Tank

    The white and red kind. It's fantastic! Haha
  7. pkppv

    Do The Lights Matter Whn Adding New Inverts?

    Im adding a coral banded shrimp and 3 turbo snails...they have been drip acclimating for over 6 hours, so they will be in the tank soon. Do i really need to keep the lights off or can they be on right away?
  8. pkppv

    First Saltwater Tank

    Im currently drip acclimating a coral banded shrimp and 3 turbo snails Been dripping for 5 hours but I guess my drip is too slow because the parameters still arent quite right. Im so excited! Im going to have life in my tank tonight!!!!!
  9. pkppv


    I would not use a background! I love the look of a tank open on all 4 sides, makes your fish look like theyre flying!
  10. pkppv

    First Saltwater Tank

    It's a plan! I'll do that tomorrow!
  11. pkppv


    I wouldnt bother. First of all, loaches should never be used as a solution. Secondly, ive learned to appreciate all life in my tanks! maybe you should try, its fun!
  12. pkppv

    First Saltwater Tank

    I AM FULLY CYCLED!!!! AMMONIA AND NITRITE ARE NOW 0!!!! Do i have permission to water change the nitrates out and get me a cuc?!?
  13. pkppv

    Post Pics Of Your Beautiful Bettas Here!

    great business strategy
  14. pkppv

    Unknown Fish, Anyone Help?

    Its a killifish!!! I dont know what kind though
  15. pkppv

    Little Nemo Diary

    you kept him because he is JUST like nemo! And thats your username! haha, you were probably so excited to find one with a fin deformity
  16. pkppv

    Post Pics Of Your Beautiful Bettas Here!

    My favorite betta yet!
  17. pkppv

    First Saltwater Tank

    there are none, as the LR i used wasnt from the oceon but rather just big things of sodium bicarbonate
  18. pkppv

    First Saltwater Tank