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  1. Valiant

    Betta For A 10 Gallon?

    I am thinking about getting a male betta fish for my ten gallon fish tank and I have some questions. It is not fully cycled yet but almost, I will probably get him 2 or 3 weeks from now and I know that I can only get one because they are highly territorial.     Is a ten gallon suitable for just...
  2. Valiant

    Internal Bleeding?

    It's a Bristlenose Pleco and the red skin has gone away now he/she is normal color but i'm not sure is the red patch on her/his belly is gone. The only other fish I have in my tank right now is Albino Corydoras and they usually just swim around looking for food and sometimes when my BN is...
  3. Valiant

    Internal Bleeding?

    My BN has a red patch on his/her belly and also red skin on half of his/her body. I heard this could be a sign of Internal bleeding, stress and if he/she is ready to breed. Please help! What should I do?
  4. Valiant

    Best Online Fish Store

    I wanted to get habrosus corydoras but they don't seem to have them at any of my local pet stores, so is there any online websites that sell this type of fish? I've heard about but alot of people have complaints about them.
  5. Valiant

    Best Filter For A Ten Gallon

    I want to upgrade to a quiet filter that is better than my Top Fin 10 that came with my tank, any ideas?
  6. Valiant

    Albino Cory Catfish

    I found out he has swim bladder disease because last night he was trying to swim sideways and upside down.   I have posted a seperate topic about it.
  7. Valiant

    Albino Corydora With Swim Bladder Diease

    One of my cory catfish has swim bladder diease because last night I saw him trying to swim on his side and upside down and when he was on the sand he would roll over to get to places on the sand. I tryed giving him peas but he wouldn't eat and now hes just laying upright on the sand. I'm really...
  8. Valiant

    Who's Says Shrimps Don't Attack?

    I've read that they sometimes attack weak fish. Also some people say its because the tanks too small but i'm not sure. Maybe you should seperate them and see if there are any other deaths.
  9. Valiant

    Albino Cory Catfish

    It's a ten gallon, I will be upgrading to a 20 - 30 gallon soon   I've had them about 2 - 4 weeks   I have 4, I'm getting 2 more once I upgrade   And I also have a Bristlenose pleco he's about 2 in.
  10. Valiant

    2 Dead Fish In Under A Week Betta

    The most likely problem is the water qualitiy is bad or you haven't cycled it.
  11. Valiant

    Albino Cory Catfish

    I have albino cory catfish and I used to have smooth gravel but now I changed to sand because it kept hurting them and one of them is a pure white while the rest of them are a yellow, the white one lays on the sand most of the time away from the group and I never see him/her eat. What is wrong...
  12. Valiant

    Help Please

    Pygmy corydoras, but you will have to get 6 of them, 4 is the minimum. They grow up to 0.75 in. and they will need sand or smooth gravel or else it will hurt there barbels.
  13. Valiant

    Pygmy Cory

    They do eat baby shrimp but i'm not sure if they will eat the adult shrimp unless there smaller than them and they need to be in groups 6 or more for natural behavior but 4 is the minimum.
  14. Valiant

    Thinking About Snails And/ Shrimp

    I did have Apple snails but i returned them to the pet store because they kept mating and produced to much poop, I recommend Shrimp or Nerite snails because they can't mate in freshwater.
  15. Valiant

    Java Moss

    I wanted some live plants in my tank so i've decided to put java moss in my tank and I need to know how to attach it to my sand substrate. Also do you guys recommend any other types of aquatic plants, I have bogwood in my tank so I could attach java fern to it.
  16. Valiant

    20 Gallon Tips And Stocking

    The pH is 7.3 and the water hardness is 96  - 124 ppm
  17. Valiant

    20 Gallon Tips And Stocking

    20 gallon long
  18. Valiant

    20 Gallon Tips And Stocking

    20 gallon long
  19. Valiant

    20 Gallon Tips And Stocking

    I made another forum like this but with a 30 gallon but now i'm kinda thinking about a 20 gallon tank, so any ideas about what fish to put in it and I want it to be a community tank, also do you guys have any tips on maintaining your fish tank and do you know what are the recommended filters...
  20. Valiant

    Fish Acting Strange

    shes probably just tired from giving birth.