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  1. AngelOfDeath

    Convicts And Tiger Barbs

    Can these fish be mixed? and to convicts have to be kept in pairs? Finallly, which cichlids other than convict are good to be kept with tiger barbs? Thanks
  2. AngelOfDeath

    Wanted - 5 Ft Tank In Birmingham

    HELLO. looking to buy a 5 footer just the tank hood and cabinet must be included nothing tatty! email me on '' with any offers willing to travel around the Birmz area. peace.
  3. AngelOfDeath

    Cichlids For A 30g

    HELLO What types of cichlids can i keep in a 30G? Thanks (I am new to cichlids)
  4. AngelOfDeath

    Cichlids For 30g

    HELLO What types of cichlids can i keep in a 30G? Thanks
  5. AngelOfDeath

    Male To Female Fry Ratio

    How many males are the to females in a batch of guppy fry? I only seem to have about 2 in 15
  6. AngelOfDeath

    My Molly

    How long until she pops, in your opinion?
  7. AngelOfDeath

    My Plec.

    I bought a small common plec, about 1.5 inches, all it seems to do is stick to the side of the tank, how do i know if it's getting enough food?
  8. AngelOfDeath

    Keeping Goldfish At Tropical Temps

    Hi, what are the effects of keeping goldies@ around 32-34 degrees? does anyone do this?
  9. AngelOfDeath

    Interestng Question

    Hi, i visited my grandad today, noticed his angelfish were absolutely massive, three times the size they first were from a few months ago, much bigger than mine. i put this massive spurt down to him feeding them twice daily, however when i checked his thermometor it was around 40 degrees! they...
  10. AngelOfDeath

    Who's Got Crabs?

    i want a freshwater crab to go with my lil betta, anybody keep crabs? I have no idea which ones to get etc so any tips would be appreciated. tank is 4gall
  11. AngelOfDeath


    anybody here keep crayfish? i want one but would like some info beforehand, what about tank size/diet? i want a blue one (illegal in UK =( )
  12. AngelOfDeath

    New Tank

    Hallo, my mom bought me a new tank for my birthday, Fish R Fun 160litre (cant find a link anywhere) he tank is cool, but the problem is the filter, it's too noisy, it's a HOB filter i think, i cant sleep with it on, but i cant turn it off becuase all the bacteria would die, anyone know how i...
  13. AngelOfDeath

    Aquiring A 20 Gall

    So i got a free 20 gall off my relative It has 4 pearl gourami and 4 clown loaches in I want to add my own 2 honey and 2 blue Gourami, as well as 3 albino cory, one small RTS, 2 lonely guppies, one small ram, and my lil betta fish Would this be alright, or too overstocked, i'd do 50% water...
  14. AngelOfDeath

    Question On Stand Capacity

    hallo. I have a 16 gallon tank, and a 5.8Gallon tank next to each other, placed on this The combined weight is 218 pounds, or 98KG I wanted to upgrade my 16 gallon to a 28 gallon, and remove the 5.8 gallon the weight of the 28...
  15. AngelOfDeath

    Tiny White Worms

    To my horror, i saw around 50-100 1-2mm long, hair like things on my tank, when i examined, they were moving what are they! =O a risk to my betta?
  16. AngelOfDeath

    Warning - Aqua Flow 1

    do not buy this filter it's offensively loud just thought I would express my distaste
  17. AngelOfDeath

    Red Tailed Shark Not Eating

    I bought a RTS. it's not eating, i've tried blood worms and flakes, what should i do? the light is relatively low in comparison to other tanks so i cant see how this would be a deterant the tank is cycled, and perfectly healthy (16 gallon) The fish is relatively small, It has nip marks on...
  18. AngelOfDeath

    Bulldog Pleco

    hallo can i fit just one in my 72 litre long tank? In there i have a red tailed shark, 3 albino cory, and am going to get 5 tiger barbs if so, what food/special treatment would they require? thanks in advance
  19. AngelOfDeath

    Quick Question

    On the fluval 2, do the openings i have highlighted in the picture suck water up? becuase i have covered the bottom parts of the filter up with tights to prevent my fry from being sucked up will i have to cover the highlighted parts up to? thanks.
  20. AngelOfDeath

    Stocking Questions

    allo, I know there has been a hundred of these made but i need some advide as i am new to fish keeping, and now have cycled tanks ready to be stocked 72 Litre (16 gallon long), Gravel, rocks, live plants Okay for this tank I was wanting: 5 Tiger Barbs 2 Albino Corys 2 ADF Male Betta? What...