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  1. LacertaIlla

    A List Of Questions...

    So my younger brother (who has ADHD, hence needing the post) has come to me this morning saying he wants to buy a Betta, specifically a blue one that goes really fast.     I think it would be a good idea for him to save up and buy his own fish (and tank, but I will be nice and let him have some...
  2. LacertaIlla

    Fin Rot Or Not?

    One of the guppies I bought the other day has something strange going on with her tail.    Yesterday she was fine. Today she looked like this.       It is not from the other guppies biting her tail (it was happening to one of my other females, its stopped now and her tail is healing up...
  3. LacertaIlla

    Sponge Filter And Sand?

    Hello Hello, I'm back with another silly question.   So I have adopted a co-workers fish (and two tanks). All of the fish minus 6 molly fry and the guppies are in the big tank (I'm worried about Bruce (Bala Shark) eating the guppies and fry). At the moment, the guppies are in a 20L (5 gallons)...
  4. LacertaIlla

    What On Earth Are These?

    I got a new fish tank from a co-worker. There was algae on the back of the tank and I was in the process of pulling the gravel out of the tank and I noticed these worm-like creatures.   Can anyone tell me what they are and how I can get rid of them?    
  5. LacertaIlla

    Safe Crystals?

    Hello hello.   I've been doing some reading on crystals that are safe and unsafe for aquariums as I'd like to try and make a "Crystal Garden" themed tank for my crayfish, Nyxie.   From my understanding, all Quartz is safe, as well as all forms of Jade.   Obviously I want to stay away from water...
  6. LacertaIlla

    Sponge Filter

    I'm looking to buy a sponge filter for the 55 gallon tank I have. I know my LFS stocks them, but right now the question is how to cycle it. I don't have a way (yet) to get gravel from in town back to my house (I'm a minor and can't drive a car yet, I ride my bike everywhere) and I don't like the...
  7. LacertaIlla

    Blue Planet - Thrive Plant Food

    All of the pet stores I went to this week were out of SeaChem's Flourish, or they had the ridiculously large bottles of it (I don't want a large bottle of it...not yet at least), however I didn't want to wait any longer to buy some fertilizer so I bought a 50ml bottle of Blue Planet - Thrive...
  8. LacertaIlla

    Just Bought Some Snails

    So I've just been and bought 3 mystery snails from my LFS.   All 3 snails have this hard...cap like thing on them in their shell...     Is that normal?   Thanks, Blue
  9. LacertaIlla

    Id For A Plant

    Can I get an ID for this plant please? And could someone perhaps tell me what I can do so it doesn't look as sad?  
  10. LacertaIlla

    Bala Shark Got Stuck In Decoration

    So I've had this tank and fish for less than 24 hours and I've already managed to screw up. The Bala Shark swam into a barrel decoration and got himself stuck, but I was able to get him free after about 20 minutes. Needless to say I took the barrel out (and every other decoration with similar...
  11. LacertaIlla

    Hello Everyone

    Hello there.   I'm Blue, I'm from Australia and fairly soon I will be getting a large fish tank (not sure what size it is, will measure it when I get it) from my aunt. It's home to a single Bala Shark (which I will be "adopting"), but once upon a time it did have other fish in it, all of which...