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  1. TDPUK

    Does My Molly Have Bloat?

    Hello all.   I spotted my black molly in the tank today and his belly seems to be bloated. I have no clue if it's a male or female but the stomach was not like this a few days ago.     Replies appreciated! 
  2. TDPUK

    Misty Tank - Guppies Swimming At The Top!

    Hello everyone.   I did a full water change in my tank two days ago and ever since my water has turned a murky white colour. I've done a bit of research and a few people say it might be the bacteria from the gravel etc.. but now my guppies are swimming at the top of the tank.. all of them! I...
  3. TDPUK

    Unknown Fish?! Help Please!

    Hello guys!   I'm classing this as an emergency for the simple fact I don't want to put any of my other fish at risk.   I recently purchased 2 Boesmani Rainbow's online and was sent these. I'm sure they've made a mistake. Can anyone tell me what species of fish this is please? I'm sure it's a...
  4. TDPUK

    My Blue Betta !

    Hello guys, here's my blue betta!    Hope you like him.  
  5. TDPUK

    My Gold Dust Molly!

    Hey! Here's a new addition to my tank. A gold dust molly.  
  6. TDPUK

    Some Of My Guppies!

    Hey Guys. Here are two of my guppies more photos to come this week. Tank is due for a clean tonight!       
  7. TDPUK

    Black Spots On Tetra's? Disease?

    Hello.   I'm not sure if this is an actual emergency or not but I don't want to chance it. Does my tetra have some sort of disease? I've noticed another one of the orange tetras also has this.    I awoke to find my polka dot botia dead at the bottom of the tank ( He had been missing for a few...
  8. TDPUK

    Is My Guppy Pregnant?

    Hi everyone.   Pretty new to the world of fish and I was thinking about starting to breed guppy's. I went to the fish store today and picked up 3 female guppy's as I already have males.    Is it possible that one of the females is already carrying fry? They was being kept in separate tanks to...
  9. TDPUK

    Fish Swimming Around Heater?!

    Hello everyone.    I've had my tropical tank set up for around two month's now and have a few guppies, a molly, a few tetras and 2 angel fish in there. Everything has been running smoothly until around 3 days ago when they all started to gather around the heater. Now I know what you're thinking...