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  1. Retired Viking

    Guppies Breading

    Some people just buy male guppies so they do not run into that problem. I just bought some cheap feeder guppies to help do a silent cycle on a planted 30 gallon tank. I would have just purchased 5 male fancy guppies but the LFS only sells them in pairs of 1 male to 1 female so I bought the...
  2. Retired Viking

    Guppies Breading

    At first my guppies had just a few and seemed to leave them alone but now a dozen of so fry show up at a time. My guppies were young when I added them to my shrimp tank. I started out with 8 guppies. As far as reproducing that is up to you but they have started to overrun my 30 gallon tank.
  3. Retired Viking

    Best Sponge Filter for a 20 gallon long tank?

    I would like your opinion on who makes the best sponge filter for a 20 gallon long tank that will be planted and may have sand. It will be a freshwater tank, not sure what types of fish yet but I tend to like smaller fish.
  4. Retired Viking

    Guppies Breading

    My guppies have now over 60 fry in my shrimp/guppy tank. I took most of the adults out since they were going after my shrimp. I am now deciding if I should let them swim with my turtle since they are feeder guppies or give them to my bother-in-law. They really do breed faster than rabbits. My...
  5. Retired Viking

    Nerite and rabbit snail

    If you need to add calcium you can add some shells to the tank. They do need it to keep their shells hard.
  6. Retired Viking

    I am changing my username

    I liked the name WinterSoldier, I think you should keep it :)
  7. Retired Viking

    How to install an air hose with a "check value"

    The ones that I have say to install on the airline with the arrow on the valve pointing in the direction of the air flow. I have not had a problem with any of them.
  8. Retired Viking

    New Neon Tetra's dying off

    I also lost several neons not long after buying them, I still have several that look very healthy and bright colors and active. I noticed at the local Petco and LFS their neon tetras are all very dull and not very active, the same at Petsmart when I went there last week. I stopped buying anymore...
  9. Retired Viking

    Stan reveals the greatest filter media he found in 45 years and you can buy it.....

    Interesting discussion, I talked my wife into letting me have another aquarium (20 gallon long) and was thinking of having a sponge filter instead of BGF. I will have to research @Stan510 suggestion before I decide :)
  10. Retired Viking

    New member, first 60l tank stocking ideas?

    Welcome to the forum. Very nice looking tank, it would be great for a shoal or two of tetras
  11. Retired Viking

    New Aquagarden Mini Pond Kit from Aquascape!

    Always wanted a pond in my backyard :)and now I can also pick it up and bring it inside for the winter. Would look nice on my back deck but the birds would use it as a birdbath:D That is something different, been trying to convince the wife I need another tank but I do not think she will go for...
  12. Retired Viking

    Dollhouse aquariums :)

    Wow, :clap:
  13. Retired Viking

    tiny tank

    As far as stocking that sounds alright, shrimp have a tiny bio footprint, dark colored gravel will work with maybe a Java Fern or two ;)
  14. Retired Viking

    Putting Resin Statues in Aquarium

    I use acrylic latex paint and also epoxy paint.
  15. Retired Viking

    Ramshorn snails

    From what I read they do not usually eat plants but will eat dead leaves. I have one in my shrimp tank with my nerite snails. He came with some moneywort plants I bought. So far he seems to like just going on the glass.
  16. Retired Viking

    Thai wonder

    I put a 2nd heater in my community tank too, it been a long cold winter :unsure:
  17. Retired Viking

    Thousands of baby shrimp, no eggs to be seen

    Wish I saw at least one like that ;)
  18. Retired Viking

    Thousands of baby shrimp, no eggs to be seen

    I also have a shrimp/guppy tank for ghost shrimp, would like to see a picture or two of yours. I have had no luck so far with having any baby shrimp. I am currently making arrangements to remove the guppies since they have been eating the shrimp when they molt :mad:
  19. Retired Viking

    Nerite Snails

    You could set up a container of brackish water here is a nice article
  20. Retired Viking

    new here but not new to freshwater

    Hello and welcome to the forum, nice looking fish, I like the look but he would not fit in with my community or shrimp tanks. Good luck selling him. There is an area on the forum called Marketplace where you should post him. It will improve your chances. :)