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    Corals with polyps retracted

    About 2 days ago I bought two corals for my tank (I am a beginner so im not that good at this stuff) I acclimated the corals like I should and I placed them in the tank. The elegance in the substrate and the pipe organ on the rock. The next day I came over and the elegance was still closed and...
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    How to attach heliofungia

    Please help! How do I attach a heliofungia to a rock or do not need to do it?
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    Need help with compatibility

    So I have started a new 30 gallon saltwater tank. I have 2 clowns and 3 bangaai fish. I wanted to ask if I could add a royal dottyback or would it kill everything? Because I heard they can be pretty aggressive.
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    Should I use activated carbon in saltwater filter?

    I am very new to saltwater aquariums and I wanted to ask if activated carbon is needed in my filter.