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  1. manxnorton

    Brian D's Youtube Channel.

    Hi all, About time I put my Videos into this lol. Getting better on editing and stuff. Need a decent camera though one with auto, zoon and can operate the zoon with one hand (as i'm one handed lol) Anyways, loads to watch, not only fishy things. Heres my channel...
  2. manxnorton

    Bri's Smaller tanks-(20 & 25l's)

    Today refirb the smaller tanks ( 2 & 3) Keep saying it...hate the white gravel. roflmao So tank two. From To Tank 3. From A bit of paint To getting better pics when the light goes darker. Bri
  3. manxnorton

    Bri's 106L (3 ft tank)

    Hi all, Got a 3ft tank, and today started the substrate. Gravel tomorrow. fingers crossed lol. Spiderwood and dragon rock so far. substrate. Filter. Lighting. NICREW LED 95-115CM lamp. Old Heater. TBC. Enjoying re-learning this all after my memory went Pete Tong haha!. Bri
  4. manxnorton

    Bri's 106Litres-28 gallon tank.

    27/04/19 Hi all, Just got my first tank for 7 years. Taking my time. The tank is 91cm L x 39cm H x 30cm D. JBL CristalProfi 702 filter ordered. Thinking low tech (no Co2 injection atm) My favourite plant is Micranthemum Monte Carlo. The rest TBC. Bri
  5. manxnorton

    Hi all, new to the forum. NE England

    Hi, I'm Brian. Started Fresh water fish tanks in the early 90's, and gor really serious about 2012. Started Aquascaping then, but serious injury I had to stop. Now well enough to fuction as beast as I can, slowly getting myself back into it. Just got a 106L tank set up. The canopy had to go (too...