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  1. Lucy155


    To my surprise, in my 75 gallon display tank, I noticed a “light brown” version of what Camallanus worms look like, but not red, coming out of one of my angels. I’ve had Camallanus worms twice brought in with new fish over my 35 years of fish keeping. I Treated all tanks with Lavamisole and the...
  2. Lucy155

    Angelfish x2 with white dots in a perfect row on fin.

    I have two adult Angelfish that I have been treating for over three months for a series of white dots in a straight line on one fin and a few scattered dots in the other fin. I moved them from my 75 gallon to a 10 gallon quarantine tank. They are eating, acting normal. I am doing 50% water...
  3. Lucy155

    HELP! New canister will not prime! BUBBLES coming out intake.

    Any ideas? I purchased a penn flax Cascade 1200 5 weeks ago. It’s been fantastic, easy set up, water great. Did a cleanup on it this morning and now I can’t get it to prime. Whether I push the prime button or turn it on, large bubbles come out of the intake line. Water will NOT get sucked up...