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  1. Crazy fishes

    Aquaone Reef 200 Protein Skimmer

    If you want to upgrade the skimmer then you probably have two main types available to you. The first is HOB skimmer and the other is in tank skimmer; both have pros and cons. You will be limited on space with the filter system in the back so might do well to look in to HOB skimmers. I am...
  2. Crazy fishes

    More Questions About Skimmers

    Hi guys and girls,   As you may know I have recently upgraded to a 47g system from a 24g system. One notable difference I have become aware of is that I don't think my skimmer-less techniques are going to work long term so will be acquiring a skimmer soon. I have two skimmers in mind; one is the...
  3. Crazy fishes

    The Latest Fashion

    I had to take it off of him as I really want the zoa garden to take off but it won't if I allow disrespect like that.. He has settled for chaeto and coral sand which is also pleasing to me. I wonder if they try to pick up fish ever?? I will keep my eyes peeled.   Kindest regards
  4. Crazy fishes

    How To I Upgrade My Saltwater Tank?

    If they can be running at the same time then that is easy; you just need patients. I have recently done this but I didn't have the luxury of having both of them running. My opinion is largely the same as mentioned above; set up your 75g and run it with all the other rock i.e live and dry rock...
  5. Crazy fishes

    The Latest Fashion

    Hi guys,    I was just watching my tank when I notice my tuxedo urchin had picked up a colony of dragon eye zoa on a frag plug. It is the strangest sight and it is hard to believe how large somethings that they pick up can be. Anyone else seen things like this?   Kindest regards  
  6. Crazy fishes

    Tmc Aquabeam 1500 Led Lights

    They are useless in my opinion. I was very much interested in Aquabeam when they first were launched and purchased the linear LED arrays from TMC. I had four units at about £360 and they were a mammoth disappointment; interestingly they are just about suitable for my dad's fresh water setup. I...
  7. Crazy fishes

    Ideas Please

    Led lighting (Reefbeam 120) in use for the last 2 years. I thought it was possibly the Zoa as it was fine up to their introduction. They produce platy toxin which are pretty noxious. It is a shame because they are high class Zoa; really fluorescent under blue lighting. Looks like they will have...
  8. Crazy fishes

    Ideas Please

    Hi ladies and gents,   I have a little problem in my hammer coral keeps committing suicide; the tissue of the coral is peeling away from the skeleton. My tank is 6 years old and running very well with no problems up to now. This coral has been in there since the beginning and thrived with...
  9. Crazy fishes

    A Sorry Tale

    yep still in Brighton and very serious about shifting the kessil. Just for clarification it is the wide angle version A350W easily covers a lido 120. I had been growing acropora spp, montipora Spp and Stylophora which had really taken to it. More sad to see the fish go than anything as you get a...
  10. Crazy fishes

    Anyone Ever Use These?

    I would always advise frequent water changes, washing food as well as rationing. Fish can survive on small pickings as they can convert 60% of the protein they eat into muscle mass as opposed to our 1-3%. Reactors can work well but try simple things like those previously mentioned and see what...
  11. Crazy fishes

    Percula Clown

    Anemones are not required for clowns and frequently die even in the hands of experienced aquarists. They did a survey looking at the average life span of an anemone in an aquarium and found that the average was 14 months in the MOST EXPERIENCED hands. For new aquarists it was a matter of weeks...
  12. Crazy fishes

    Food For Corals.

    Green star polyps as Crazy crab lady says does not really feed, they are much more dependent of photosynthesis.    Regards
  13. Crazy fishes

    What Do These Results Tell You?

    Those parameters are perfect the Kh is fine as calcium and pH are also spot on. I have run most of my tanks with Kh of 8-10 and frequently can frag both my hammer and frogspawn. I would use a refractometer though as hydrometers have a horrible problem with inaccuracy which gets worse with time...
  14. Crazy fishes

    A Sorry Tale

    Well my hand has been forced fellow fish lovers as the sills have finally got to the stage were at any moment they could give way. It is simple; buy a new tank or sell sell sell and all this a few months after I finally managed to purchase a Kessil A350W!! Interestingly enough I managed to sell...
  15. Crazy fishes

    Water Softener - Is Ro Necessary?

    It is not pH and hardness why we don't use tap water is all the other impurities in it; nitrate and phosphate being the big two. You actually want HCO3- in the water as it pushes the pH up. You can get buffers that will help to stabilise the pH at > 8 but you need to be patient as it takes time...
  16. Crazy fishes

    60L Nano Reef Journal

    Nice tank and I like the fact that you name your fish and shrimps....... The life of a fish keeper eh?    Regards
  17. Crazy fishes

    V2 Nano Skimmer. Spares Needed!

    If you are still looking I have a working V2 nano skimmer which I am trying to sell if you are still interested. I appreciate this was posted some time ago.   Kindest regards
  18. Crazy fishes

    Anyone Using Leds.

    I have now acquired my Kessil A350W and done some measurements on PAR. I am quite surprised at how deceptive it is; for it looks visually to be too weak to maintain any hard coral but the PAR is quite remarkable. It is positioned approximately 4-5 inches above the waterline and the PAR does...
  19. Crazy fishes

    29g Low Tech Lps/softies

    what about the important parameters like phosphate, nitrite and nitrate?
  20. Crazy fishes

    Anyone Using Leds.

    I have the Lido 120 as well as which is currently under a 150W halide. I made some measurements of PAR with the halide situated 3 inches above the water. I am getting 150 micromolars/meter squared/ second at the bottom of the tank pretty much and what is really interesting is that soft corals...