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    Hi Guys, New Here!

    Hello and welcome aboard! :)
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    Hello there, welcome aboard! :)
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    Tetra Behaviour

    Larger individuals in small groups tend to be bossy and often dictates the 'pecking order' during feeding time leaving smaller individuals starving. Increasing their number to avoid constant picking on one target and adding tall plants to block lone of sight and give others a chance to eat maybe...
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    I Want A Community Of Exotic Tropical Fish

    Unfortunately most of the available freshwater 'eels' are too large even for your tanks. You could go for with a wide assortment of readily available eel-like loach species though
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    Hi Im New Here!

    Hey rey welcome aboard! :)
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    Foul Tank Smell

    Try using activated carbon with your filtration, do a 25% partial water change and change your feeding routine to a once a day feeding or every other day routine. Like others also said, animals don't just stink. I keep roaches as feeders and even those don't stink
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    Are Peacock Gudgeon Really Aggressive?

    Wow ancient post. Anyways, good luck getting a calmer dispositioned gudgeon :D
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    What Would You Put In This Tank?

    or a small group of rasboras or danios does well in shallow tanks as well but make sure to have the tank covered well since they sometimes jump when excited or stimulated during feeding time :D
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    King Bettas?

    Americans are not as gullible as the people here when it comes to uncommon animals. You can paint a turtle white and sell it off for a hundred dollars here under shady labels like snow turtle or ice tortoise hahahaha -__-
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    Chocolate Gourmai Questions

    Also 2 males for any anabantoid species in the same tank is like asking for a pacman-mayweather fight. I second byron's recommendation for warm water. The most crucial water element they need. Too bad for other fishes, warm water spells fungus growth. There is a reason why this fish is...
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    My Comeback

    Or her lol.. the males have better mohawks :P
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    The Crab Tank

    I love crabs! My condolences :(
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hey chris welcome aboard! :)
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    New Tank By New Member

    Hello there and welcome aboard! Looking good :D