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    Lost A Thread Help Please

    A good way of finding these things is going to your profile and clicking "Find My Content" :good: You can then select to search by topics or posts
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    Lost A Thread Help Please

    Is this the one?
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    Any News On My Account?

    Check your PM's Ffintastic :good:
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    Missing Posts

    You may have already seen, but will no doubt be pleased to hear that to my knowledge Aweis and Avive were able to restore all of the deleted content! :good:
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    Missing Posts

    Thanks L - a lot of posts have been deleted by someone from TFF. We will have to try and restore them from back-ups, but some posts may be permanently lost. This will take time because each post will have to be manually restored, as if we reverted to the entire back-up prior to the deletion...
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    Missing Posts

    Hi - yes will be trying to pop in, I hope that we can get the resources back, I don't want to promise anything, but will try our best. In the meantime newly created topics should be ok!
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    Missing Posts

    We are looking into this
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    Happy Birthday - Tolak!

    Can't believe I missed this one really glad that you enjoyed your day though! Many belated happy birthday wishes!
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    Emails Regarding Pm's

    Are you guys sure they are not going to your spam folder?
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    New Layout?

    It's not going to your spam box by any chance is it?
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    Whoa....a Whole New Website..

    We have been working on it for a while, hope that you guys like it, most of the functions should be in the same place so hopefully not too difficult to navigate around, we think it looks a lot sharper :good:
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    Searching The Forum?

    Click the green button to the right of their name, or alternatively on their profile click "View Content" :good:
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    Forum Slow?

    There were a couple of issues here, on Thursday we had a problem with the host for the server (not this server) be subject to a DDOS attack, however between Friday afternoon and yesterday users on Virgin Media may have experienced some problems, as their connectivity to Germany was broken for...
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    Topic & Post Purge In Marine Chat?

    I think on this note I'll wrap this topic. There is nothing really further for us to comment on this other than saying that I can assure you that there was not an ulterior motive from our point of view. We value all of our members, and it is disappointing that some decided to take the hurtful...
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    Topic & Post Purge In Marine Chat?

    I was going to post a longer reply to this, but Bignose has really hit the nail on the head with the post above mine. In fact I don't think there is anything that I can add to it, other than to say iterate the comment made in the first post, in that we are always disappointed when members decide...
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    The July Tank Of The Month Winner Is:.....

    Lovely looking tank - well deserved!
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    Something's Not Right

    I believe we have tried to contact you via email - have you got it? :)
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    New Look - Bug Report

    This issue should be fixed. We are working through the problems, but also we are developing a brand new unique skin and logo for Fish Forums. We're confident that you'll like it, sorry that things are not working properly at the moment, we will get these fixed, please do bear with us
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    Classic Blue Issues

    Please bear with us we are working on things....
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    Whoa! Not Good! - Got Virus From This Site!

    Really sorry to hear of the problems you guys have experienced, unfortunately last week a hacker exploited a vulnerability in Invisionboard's code, this allowed them to place a virus on the server. It took us some time to locate the cause, but when we did we removed it immediately and at the...