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    Overfeeding tetra?

    Something I’ve not really bothered with until we recently bought more discus. So now the new tank has been up and running for a while we have been out and bought 6 more baby discus to add to our 8 adults, they’ve settled in amazingly and I was surprised at how they move the big guys out of the...
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    Ply under heavy tank to level

    So a bit of a variation to the other post, I’ve noticed that the tank is level left to right but leans forwards. The footprint of the stand is similar to that of flat pack furniture in the picture so would ply be strong enough to hold the weight (it should be spread evenly). If I was to use for...
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    Eneven floor, after some quick help:)

    So the new tank arrived and it’s all positioned and ready to go , the tank is sitting level and I have a pad between the glass and the top of the cabinet, now the floor is slightly rippled so would you be placing packers under the cabinet to take the pressure- it’s a 5 ft 450litre so will be...
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    Uneven floor under aquarium

    So I get my new 5ft tank this week for the new house, the floor where the tank will Be going is slightly uneven (it’s hardwood flooring) It’s not slanting to one side it’s more ripples in the floor it’s screed underneath so I imagine the adhesive may have been layed uneven by the previous...
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    Stocking ideas for discus tank and non discus

    Hi guys, sorry for posting such a massive post. I can’t seem to log onto my Old account so I’ve re-joined :) Me and my partner moved house recently, there was a 2 month gap (which turned into 4 with all this COVID business) between rented and buying where we both had to move back to our...