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  1. FishBearer9845

    Worried about my corydora bronzes

    Hi guys I’m worried about my corydora bronzes. They’re in a 60l tank, cycled the tank properly before moving them over to. 60/40 set up with RO:Tap water respectively. I’ve noticed the bronzes have what I hope is sand stuck to them all the time. In some lights they look like they have a gold...
  2. FishBearer9845

    Does my betta need entertaining? How do you entertain yours?

    Good afternoon all Do you guys entertain your Betta fish in any way? I don't want to get a mirror; I can't see the point in making him stressed and flare? I've heard about a ping pong ball? Any other ideas (as long as they're not ridiculous, like dressing up in a clown outfit) greatly...
  3. FishBearer9845

    Hard water algae eaters

    Good morning Would love your recommendations for hard water (we're taking hardness between 20 and 24 at any one time) My guppies are thriving and although they do pick at the algae they can't control it - now I know there aren't specific algae eaters per se - but I really do need something that...
  4. FishBearer9845

    Mum's tank just isn't cycling!

    Good afternoon I'm hoping you can advise. My mums tank just isn't cycling, we are both not really sure what is happening. I've attached the recordings she's made. She did add (in addition to) the existing internal filter a Fluval 207 cannister I have told her to, once the tank is cycled, to...
  5. FishBearer9845

    Eggs, eggs, everywhere!

    Good morning Blimey, first Cory eggs, now Green Neon Tetra eggs! So my Green Neons have been in their recently cycled tank for a few weeks now and they are flourishing! So much so there's bloomin' eggs everywhere! I've decided that I am going to leave them all where they are and see what...
  6. FishBearer9845

    Eggs! What do I do now!

    Hi guys! I always thought I had all male Corys - am I right in thinking that these are Cory eggs. They have to be?!?!? I have no nerites in this tank and only corys. What do I do now?!?!?! It would be lovely to try and hatch them Thanks so much!
  7. FishBearer9845

    Cycle your tank!

    Hi guys Whilst this will be the most obvious thing to say on the forums, I can't stipulate it enough. CYCLE YOUR TANK BEFORE ADDING FISH! Most of you know I harp on about not doing my own research and trusting my LFS. Well the two ended in a fish in cycle, and I was determined to cycle my...
  8. FishBearer9845

    New 60l tank - can I add more?

    Hello So many of you know I’ve been cycling a tank. This was purchased due not doing enough research for the water hardness in relation to the fish I’m keeping. I don’t have room for anything bigger so purchased a 60l long tank to rehome the corys. (58.8 (l) x 32 (d) x 42.5 (h)) The water is a...
  9. FishBearer9845

    Male/female ratio of corydoras

    Hello all Is there an ideal ratio of male - female corydoras? I've seen a lot about other fish, but not corys Also, do different variants breed together to essentially create a mutt cory? Thank you
  10. FishBearer9845

    Best plants to glue to driftwood

    Hi guys My newly cycled tank has a bit of driftwood in it, it's been in the entire time of cycling (6 weeks) What are the best plants I can glue that aren't too lairy. I will have 6 corydoras and something else, but not sure yet. Many thanks
  11. FishBearer9845

    Warehouse Aquatics

    Good morning Apologies if this has been posted in the incorrect forum group, but has anyone used Warehouse Aquatics? They have the 15m Python system for £87 which is far cheaper than everywhere else - just want to check they're legit? Many thanks in advance for your help
  12. FishBearer9845

    Mum has joined the aquarium hobby again!

    Good afternoon Further to me getting 3 tanks :banana::cool:, my mum wants to get back into the aquarium hobby. When I was young, like many of you know, fishkeeping advice was very different, there was no cycling of tanks. She even had a common pleco! That got very large but luckily it was a...
  13. FishBearer9845

    Such a thing as too many plants?

    Evening all So, Boo Boo was obsessed yesterday with the mirrored sides of the tank. I didn’t want him stressed out so I have put some javas fixed to driftwood and glued the anubias to the ornaments. He seems happy but I’m worried there’s now not enough room in there for him. Is there such a...
  14. FishBearer9845

    Boo Boo photos

    Hello You may have seen that I now have a Betta I’ve named Boo boo (because he is blind in one eye) This is my thread to add pictures of him He’s settling in very well and comes to the front of the tank when either my husband or I go near it. He’s also eating very well
  15. FishBearer9845

    Python water changer

    Hi Hope everyone and their fishies are going well. I’ve been looking at the water change system that is a Python. Is it overrated? Is it more hassle than it’s worth? Is it really time saving? Looking forward to your responses. Thank you!
  16. FishBearer9845

    Plakat or delta?

    Hello I picked up my first Betta today, he is a dumbo male, I know I always wanted a female but when I saw him I couldn’t let him go. He is blind in one eye. This is how I purchased him from the LFS. He’s a bit stressed at the moment, his orange was far peachier at the store so I’m just giving...
  17. FishBearer9845

    Betta Food - best in the UK

    Good morning Could you kindly advise the best options for Betta food, what do you guys use? I'm based in the UK Thank you
  18. FishBearer9845

    Just when I thought It was going really well.....advice please

    Hello Just when I thought everything was going smoothly, I noticed my guppy was taking aaaaages to do a poo; it’s been like this well over an hour. Seems a long time? Anyway this is the same guppy I find doesn’t like the light and really only goes play with the other fishes when the light is...
  19. FishBearer9845

    Cycling - almost there, PH and Betta?

    Hello all, regulars will know I made the rookie mistake of starting a fish-in cycle; misleading store advice and not a lot of research by me :( Anyways, I feel I'm finally getting somewhere after 5 weeks of WC and testing daily- Yesterday and today with API Masterkit my tests are finally coming...
  20. FishBearer9845

    New light advice

    Hello I’ve noticed one of my guppies swims at the top by itself like it’s scared when the aquarium light is on. When the light is off, it merrily swims around with it’s friend guppies no problems. No other notable characteristics, eats well, plays and swims well, loves swimming into the air...