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  1. DiscusKeeper403

    Starting Up My Tank Again A Few Questions

    Hi guys, So I haven't been on the forum for a long time. For the past couple months I've had a hard time with work and managing my time so I decided to get rid of all the Discus. I just couldn't do the water changes and care for them so I thought it was best to let them go. I sold my 90g but...
  2. DiscusKeeper403

    Considering Salt

    Hi guys, Unfortunately I may need to down grade my tanks, with work coming up it looks like I may be gone 2-3 months at a time this year, and also probably wont have as much free time on a daily basis (this means most likely getting rid of my Discus :( ) I wanted to check about a easier...
  3. DiscusKeeper403

    Diet Explained By Heiko Bleher

    Saw this posted on another forum and thought it was a pretty interesting read. This is a much debated subject so this (along with a few other studies) may help to give us hobbyist a definitive answer to the question...
  4. DiscusKeeper403

    Random Discus Pics

    Just decided to post an update with some random shots of a few of my fav fish. Sorry, some are a bit blurry :blush: Blue Diamond / Bull Dog Blue Diamond Blue Knight Leopard Checkerboard Pigeon Eruption Leopard Blue Scorpion And two old ones of my Cobalts, as the ones I took...
  5. DiscusKeeper403

    Need A Quick Response Please

    Hi guys, Just bought a new bottle of prime, and when I opened it I noticed a bunch of little floating black specks sitting in the dechlor. What the heck is this? Is it still safe to use?
  6. DiscusKeeper403

    Anyone Want To Buy A Wow Account?

    Hi guys, Don't play anymore, wondering if anyone wanted it. My main is a 80 Warrior w/regular flying mount, epic mount, and decent gear (epic PvP and rare 80s) human on Draenor. Also have a 58 DK, and a few other chars around lvl 30 on Draenor and other servers. Asking 75 USD o.b.o (willing to...
  7. DiscusKeeper403

    Wayne Ng Blue Knights

    Here is an video of my Wayne Ng Blue Knights and my LFS Pigeon Blood. Had them for just over a month now recieved them at 2.5" they have grown quite a bit I would say around 3.25-3.5" Enjoy.
  8. DiscusKeeper403

    Dosing Flourish Excel

    I am having a major hair algae problem in my Betta tank. I have been adding excel at the recommended dose once a week with my water change. It doesn't seem to be working, can I overdose excel? If so, which dose? It's a 2.5g.
  9. DiscusKeeper403


    Just curious, is there going to be a September-October edition?
  10. DiscusKeeper403

    Shrimp For A Betta Tank?

    Hi, Are there any shrimp that would do well in a 2.5g Betta tank. The tank is filtered, and planted. There is no heater though. Tank temp. normally stays around 24C but can dip down a little at night. Are there any shrimp that would work for this? I have some hair algae starting to grow so if...
  11. DiscusKeeper403

    Reptile Bulbs Okay For Fish Tanks?

    Hey all, I know barley anything about reptiles. One of my spare lights has a reptile bulb in it says 5.0 UV. This is safe for an aquarium right?
  12. DiscusKeeper403

    Amazing Story. Believe it or not, my Grandfather used to have to go down in the sewers for his job (had to do with a sewage company or something can't remember) and he would tell my Mom how he used to on occasion see huge goldfish! Guess this might...
  13. DiscusKeeper403

    New Blue Knights

    Got some Wayne Ng Blue Knights. I can tell these guys are going to be monsters :drool: Also took a few shots of my other tank during feeding time :) Quality isn't great on the new tank, don't even have any lighting on it yet lol. Enjoy.
  14. DiscusKeeper403

    Thoughts On Using Two Heaters?

    I have always used two heaters in my tank, but a friend of mine who works at the same LFS said not to, he said that most of the time they aren't calibrated exactly the same, and one heater ends up on much more then the other, and puts strain on that heater. I have used two just in case the other...
  15. DiscusKeeper403

    Finally Got My First Pair

    Woke up this morning to find some eggs on my filter pipe :) Can definitley till the female, but I can't tell which male in the tank is also involved :S Anyways, it was a pretty pleasant surprise.
  16. DiscusKeeper403

    Top 30 Most Colorful Freshwater Fish

    1. Discus 2. Killifish 3. Ram 4. Cardinal Tetras 5. Peacock goby 6. Male Betta 7. Neon Tetra 8. Male Endler/Guppy 9. Kribensis 10. Apisto cacatuoides 11. Apisto agassizi 12. Jewel cichlid 13. Yellow labs 14. Electric blue Jack Dempsey 15. Herichthys carpinte 16. Chile red asian Arowana 17...
  17. DiscusKeeper403

    A Repltiles Thread Addition?

    I was just curious, I don't see any subject/thread thingy anywhere for reptiles. I don't keep them, but I have seen lots of talk about them and I know quite a few people on the forum do. I was looking around to see if there was anything down near the other misc. subjects and didn't find...
  18. DiscusKeeper403

    Seafood/beefheart Mix For Discus (or Other Cichlids!)

    I thought I would share the recipe to a home made seafood mix that my Discus LOVE! It is also great for other omnivorous or carnivorous fish too! Ingredients: 3/4 lb raw tuna 3/4 lb pacific salmon 15-20 clams 1/3 cup Sera Discus blue and red pellets 1/3 cup color bits 1/3 cup Hikari...
  19. DiscusKeeper403

    Double Post Sorry

    This darn computer :blush:
  20. DiscusKeeper403

    How Does Aquarium Salt Detoxify Nitrites?

    Title says it all. Was reading up an article on how Prime works, to detoxify Chlorine and Ammonia, and was just curious on how salt works to detoxify salt. Thanks DL