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  1. CFC

    Ready To Go Marine Tank

    I have for sale an Aqua medic 24" cube tank with a hang on back skimmer and internal pump, over head metal halide lamp (and bulb) with ceiling hanging kit and cabinet (beech effect). All you will need is a couple of powerheads and some live rock to get it set up and going. This tank has never...
  2. CFC

    Big Perch I Caught

    Dumping these here since i've forgoten my photobucket password and need them elsewhere.
  3. CFC

    Will She Ever Stop Growing?!

    Pictures aren't the greatest as its not easy to photograph a fish through 6 feet of water but these are some of the better shots i've got recently of my large silver arowana
  4. CFC

    Its Not Only Asian Arowana's That Have Great Colour

    The sunlight was catching the jardini perfectly this morning showing all the reds and golds on its scales and fins.
  5. CFC

    Brycons And Parrots

    I recently shunted all the brackish fish out of the front room tank and into fish house so i could have a bit more colour on display and not have the huge algea problems that come with brackish water, you can see the back is still covered in algea which i am slowly removing a bit at each water...
  6. CFC

    Picked This Up At The Weekend

    I popped down to Enfield this weekend to buy another gulper cat off Mark and while i was there i came across this beauty in the Maidenhead Aquatics branch there 15 inches of toothy smile
  7. CFC

    I Finally Got The One Fish I Thought I'd Never See

    I've been after one of these ever since i saw one in a readers tank article in a copy of PFK back in 2001 but they proved impossible to find and never appeared on any stock lists unless they were in America or Singapore, that is until yesterday evening while having a look at Wildwoods updated...
  8. CFC

    True Parrot Cichlids, Hoplarchus Psittacus

    At the back end of last year i picked up these true south American parrot cichlids and they looked like this now 7 months later they are starting to get a bit less shy and beggining to show their adult colours
  9. CFC

    Brackish Fish In Need Of Home

    I have taken the desision to close down my brackish tank and as such have 2 red scats 2 G.tile morays and a single mono argenteus which need a new home, so if anyone would like to come and collect them they can have them free of charge, if not they will be taken to the first lfs i can find which...
  10. CFC

    New Aquatic Pet, But Its Not A Fish!

    Ever since i first saw one of these in a branch of MA about 6 years ago i have wanted one but sadly a few years ago they were put on the endangered species list and their importation was banned so i thought i had missed my chance, then in a chance conversation with Mark down at Amey Zoo a couple...
  11. CFC

    Practical Fish Keeping Forum

    I thought i would bring it to peoples attention how the UK's largest fish keeping publication operates on their forum. During our recent down time i joined their forum to kill some time, there were a few threads that caught my interest and i felt i was able to pass on some of my own experience...
  12. CFC

    Tigers Tigers Everywhere

    African tiger fish Tiger knife fish Indonesian tiger
  13. CFC

    I Am An Idiot

    I cant believe what a stupendous mistake i made today :angry: When i got in from work today and checked the tanks i saw that there was some uneaten food in the 180g so i tested the water and found it had a nitrite spike, as precaution i thought i'd better get the new little ray out of the...
  14. CFC

    New Stingray

    I picked up this little guy today, he was in a shop i dont rate very highly which has an awful track record with rays and he was so active and healthy looking i couldn't bare to leave him there. I'm not sure what species he is, possibly P.falkneri, but at such a small size i just can't pin an...
  15. CFC

    Have You Ever Bought A Tankbuster Fish

    We all know that tankbusting fish are an ever going problem in this hobby but what happens to all these fish when they no longer fit into their tanks, and how many of us deliberately buy a fish we know will get too large with the plan to buy a large enough tank before it grows ?
  16. CFC

    Oversized Custom Aquariums

    Just out of curiosity i wanted to see how many people have thought about having a very large custom aquarium built compared to how many have actually done it, and how much money people are prepared to spend on buying a tank without winning the lottery or having a rich relative leave them a fortune.
  17. CFC

    New Marine Tank

  18. CFC

    Video A Little Video Of The 900 Gallon

    Well with everyone else posting videos of their big tanks i thought i should have a go. I'm not sure how this will come out, it seemed to stop and start a lot when i played it but that could be my internet speed? I'm trying to compress the file to get a smoother run but if anyone has any tips...
  19. CFC

    Pinned Topics Moved

    Dont worry they have just been moved to the DIY FAQ forum here I think it will work now. Edit to add a link: Fake rock Background project
  20. CFC

    External Filters Users Reveiws

    With all the external filter threads recently i thought it was time we had a pinned review thread. Please only review external canister filters you own or have owned and please stick to the same format to make the thread easy to read through. Filter: Eheim ecco 2231 Year of first use...