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  1. WhistlingBadger

    So, what do you look like in 2021?

    OK, folks, new year, new pics. The "maybe a bit creepy" thread seems to have run its course, but we have a lot of new people on here lately, and I still don't know what some of you old timers look like. So, if you're comfortable with this sort of thing, post your mug shot here so we can put a...
  2. WhistlingBadger

    Dark gray or red, natural-looking substrates?

    So, I was just doing some reading. Seems most soils in Sumatra are either reddish rhyolites or dark gray/black margalite. So...I'm looking for a good-quality, medium to course textured sand that is either red or gray-black. If red, something that won't leach a ton of iron into my water. I...
  3. WhistlingBadger

    Tell me about Malaysian Trumpet Snails

    Some people say they are wonderful and only go crazy if you drastically overfeed. Others, including some very knowledgeable, trustworthy people on another forum--people who know better than to overfeed--say they are rampant, hideous, aquascape destroying spawn of hell. So, here's your chance...
  4. WhistlingBadger

    Moss wall: Plastic mesh, stainless mesh, or fiberglass window screen?

    I'm planning to put a christmas moss wall in the back of my upcoming rice paddy biotope build. The water is only going to be 6" deep, so rigidity isn't a huge issue. What is your preferred substrate for moss walls? I've grown lots of moss but I've never done a wall before, so any experience...
  5. WhistlingBadger

    You see the strangest things in the desert this time of year...

    Merry Christmas from Wyoming. I wish you all a Christmas filled with joy, hope, good food, and loved ones. I am grateful to be part of this community. ho ho ho Thomas
  6. WhistlingBadger

    Christmas Eve Ski

    Went cross-country skiing with the girls up on Togwotee Pass today. It was magnificent. It was just cold enough to feel like Christmas; the sky was stunningly blue (even though we live here and we're used to it), we only met two other couples on the trail and they were friendly, and we saw...
  7. WhistlingBadger

    Badger's Sumatran Rice Paddy

    Time to start an official journal on this project. I'm going to custom-build a tank to fit on the back of the desk in my music studio, and I just ordered the glass. It should be ready to construct in about a week. I've been kicking around this idea for several months and it's exciting to...
  8. WhistlingBadger

    A Scottish Lament

    I recorded this tune my last day at the old place. Hard to leave so much beauty and so many good memories, but we did it for the right reasons and it's time to move on. I was kind of glad to get this video done. Stay tuned for more cheerful offerings.
  9. WhistlingBadger

    Weird parameters

    Well, we're getting settled into the new Badger Manor, and I finally uncovered the box with my test kits. Got some kind of weird results: GH: Negligible, less than 4 degrees. KH: 5 degrees. Can KH be higher than GH? Is that even possible? pH: High. 7.5 or 8? (On the record: I HATE...
  10. WhistlingBadger

    Floaters that like current

    Hi, kids. Nitrates are running a little high in my rainbow tank, and I'd like to add some non-rooted plants that will pull nutrients out of the water column rather than from the soil. Trouble is, this tank has a lot of current, as a rainbow/garra tank should. All my usual floaters--frogbit...
  11. WhistlingBadger

    The Princess Song

    I recorded this a little over a year ago, and finally got it up on youtube. Thought some of you might enjoy it. :) It ain't always easy being the only male in the family...
  12. WhistlingBadger

    Bluegrass aquatics?

    Hi, all. I usually order fish either through my LFS (they like me and are great about special orders, although their supplier is not very good), or The Wet Spot out in Oregon. But sometimes TWS doesn't have species I want. Anybody ever try Bluegrass aquatics? What's your experience with them?
  13. WhistlingBadger

    Cool site about wild inverts

    I came across this looking for info on a refugium with (mostly) native inverts. Some good info, and great photos. I love the description of diving beetles. The big ones are pretty common in my pond, and they are perhaps the coolest bug out there.
  14. WhistlingBadger

    Lid with holes for emergent plants?

    Hi, all. I'm designing a nano tank (probably won't do the build until next spring) based on a Sumatran rice paddy. I want to grow actual rice plants in the water, which will only be about 6" deep. So, I'll have several very tall plants growing out the top of the tank, which could indicate a...
  15. WhistlingBadger

    Invert refugium?

    Hi, all. I'm thinking about trying some setups that would require live food, and I've been reading "An Alternative Aquarium" by Matt Owens (heckuvan interesting book, by the way: I don't agree with all of it, but it sure got me thinking). When I first set up my South America tank a few years...
  16. WhistlingBadger

    Rice paddies' dismal lack of hard-scape

    So, we are leaving Badger Manor next month for assorted reasons; for now, suffice it to say it is a good thing. Once we've made the move, I am thinking about easing back into the hobby with a nano (5-10 gallon) rice paddy tank. A Sumatran rice paddy, to be specific. Blue rasboras, dwarf...
  17. WhistlingBadger

    A little help?

    Hi, all. I recently came across a fish I wanted to try (or at least further investigate) in a nano tank. It was a tiny catfish of some sort, it was silver (not Hara jerdoni), and it was from Asia. Unfortunately, what with huge life events going on (really) and my brain not being quite as...
  18. WhistlingBadger

    An important discovery

    The other day, I mentioned using an old credit card for removing algae from glass. (Being a well-liked teacher who doesn't drink much coffee, I always seem to have several unused starbucks gift cards floating around; they work great, too) Anyway. Someone in another forum mentioned Mr. Clean...
  19. WhistlingBadger

    B. imbellus

    Hi, all. Planing a Sumatran rice paddy nano setup, and looking for an Anabantoid that I can keep with dwarf rasboras. How are imbellus? Would a pair do OK in a 5-6 gallon planted tank? Would they play nice with the little guys?
  20. WhistlingBadger

    Best way to raise hardness

    Hi, Kids. I'd like to raise the hardness in my rainbowfish tank a couple degrees. I've been using epsom salt for the past couple years, but it doesn't have any calcium and leaves the KH very low. Wondering if there is a better way. Ideas?