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    Live Miami port underwater webcam

    I have this streaming for hours just as a relaxe-vous Seen all sorts of critters pass by. Enjoy
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    PH Meter : De-ionised v Distilled water

    I got one of these on Saturday. It's very nice however trying to find distilled water to use for calibration is hard. Tesco has a bottle of deionised water in the motoring section though and I was tempted to get one but having Googled "deionised v distilled" I see that deionised water doesn't...
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    Total rehash

    I have had enough with one of my tanks. It's always been swamped with hair algae which re-appears in no time at all, despite regular cleaning and large water changes. I take out and bleach the plants that have become little more than green streamers with long blossoms of algae, likewise all the...
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    Army days and wonderful fish

    Back in my army days, and hey I'm 74 years old now so that was a good time ago, I was fortunate enough to get to work in many different countries. I was an avid angler then; not an aquarist, so my main interest was in finding places to fish in. So in that vein let me start with a visit to what...
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    Brine shrimp setup

    This is my next project to provide a good source of food for my nano/micro rasboras. I already have a pack of eggs and am about to put a bottle together to hatch them out. What I need is a tap/valve to fit into the bottom of the bottle. Any ideas please? Here's my inspiration
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    RO v rainwater plus conditioners

    Having now set up a tank for my new Chili Rasboras I was advised to add some alder cones to reduce PH and give similar water conditions to their natural habitat, ie swamps in Borneo. I gathered some locally and soaked them overnight in a tub of water holding the same amount as the Rasboras tank...
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    Generational acclimatisation

    So many beautiful fish come from the warmer climate countries, in fact I can't think of any that come from the UK. I was just wondering if the fish that are used to the warm water conditions can gradually be bred down through multiple generations to accept our own water temperatures. If not...
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    Chili Rasbora care

    I have 8 of these little beauties coming today. I had planned on adding them to my tank of similar size fish, ie Galaxy Rasboras, Ember Tetras, Rummynose, Emerald Dwarf Rasbora and Neon Tetra. I'm having doubts now based on the water parameters. All the indicators show nil on nitrates, nitrites...
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    Kribs, kribs and more kribs

    Says it all really. I have around 35 all waiting for a home. Around 6 months old and just starting to colour up into adults. Will do them at £2 each for collection only in Peterlee area
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    Shrimp wanted

    Anyone got a few shrimp to pass on. I want to add a dozen into my tank to clear up uneaten food. Preference for some that are different, ie not the usual Cherry shrimp. Yellow/golden/blue/striped preferred. Water temp is at 79. c
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    Micro food for micro fish

    I'm in the process of downsizing my fish, ie going from those that get quite big such as Firemouths, Pearl Gouramis etc to some of the very small ones like the Galaxy Rasbora, Ember Tetra, Tiger Rasbora etc. I want to be able to successfully bred them and it's known that the fry of these sort...