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    Culling mixed neocaridina shrimp

    Hi, I have a tank with mixed neocaridina shrimp. I know most people don’t like when they are mixed, but for me it’s not about breeding them, it’s about having several different colors in the same tank, I find that so much fun. I have seen though that several of the babies are brown or clear...
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    What is eating my anubias?

    My anubias suddenly started to get brow. I notice that a small brow spot forms and the leaves start to die. I see the shrimps (neocaridinas) On it and in the morning a big chunk of the leaf is gone. As far as I know, neocaridinas only eat deceased leaves, so something must be damaging the...
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    What baby snails are these?

    I have a 9g planted tank where I have amazonian soil. I had a betta fish that was about 4 years old and died some months ago, around June. In January I brought two nerite snails (one tiger and one zebra) and they were living with the betta fish in the cycled tank in perfect harmony. there was a...