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  1. kellyrazz1996

    Water pump making too much turbulence

    I've had a Whisper(?) internal water pump for a few months now and I feel bad every time my fish, especially the bettas, try to swim across the tank and then get shoved to the bottom because of the force the water is coming out from the pump. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as equipment...
  2. kellyrazz1996

    Wounded face on bloodfin tetra

    Hey, all! While doing a water change this morning, I noticed that my last little bloodfin tetra didn't look right. Upon closer inspection, it almost looks like he's missing part of his face. I have no idea what may have happened, whether this was an injury caused by another tank mate or if this...
  3. kellyrazz1996

    Shrimp safe ich treatment

    I believe one of my bettas has ich (photos to follow, I'm at work right now!) and I was looking into treating with API super ich cure when I read that it isn't safe for shrimp. I see everyone's suggestions about adding aquarium salt and increasing the aquarium temperature to 86 degrees, but I...
  4. kellyrazz1996

    Peacock eels, pimafix, and melafix. Did I just kill my eels?

    I think I messed up. I have a 20g tank with a variety of fish in it, including two peacock eels. One of my female bettas began to show signs of an infection, but I'm not confident enough to say whether it's a bacterial or fungal infection. Upon doing a little bit of reading, I found that Pimafix...
  5. kellyrazz1996

    Female betta with visible ovipositor

    I just got my first betta a few days ago and from what I've read and observed, her ovipositor is visible. Will it become uncomfortable for her if I don't breed her yet? Can they become eggbound? Will she eventually come out of this "heat cycle"? I've mainly dealt with mammals and some avians up...
  6. kellyrazz1996

    Suddenly obsessed with this little female betta

    I've been wanting a red male betta for the past few months and finally set myself to the task of preparing for one. Lots of reading and a 20 gallon tank later and I found myself searching through three different pet stores, but none of the betta were calling out to me. I ended up going home with...