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    Betta fin rot help

    Hi everyone My betta Picasso has fin rot and A) I don't know why he has it, and B) I don't know how to help him. He is in an heated 5 gallon aquarium and his water parameters are perfect (ammonia-0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate-5, and pH 7.4). The detritus worms in my tank are suddenly starting to show...
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    Fin rot? Fin nipping?

    Hello everyone. I’ve had my betta for a month and a half and his fins are starting to look weird. His 5 gallon tank is planted, is 80 degrees, has no sharp edges, has perfect water parameters, and it gets a 25% water change every week.
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    Did my cycle crash?!

    Hello everyone. I have been dealing with really high nitrites while fishless cycling my 5 gallon tank. They’ve been really high for the last 3 weeks and I was getting frustrated. I posted on a forum 2 days ago about the problem and some people were telling me to buy seachem stability to help add...
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    Help! Nitrites won’t go down!

    Hello everyone! So I’ve been cycling my fluval V 5 gallon tank for the last 11 days and everything has been going pretty quickly. I have been using Fritz ammonia for my fishless cycle and the ammonia phase went pretty fast! I also put some seeding from my other tank as well into the cycling tank...
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    Help! New 5 gallon tank!

    Hello there! I’m just getting started on cycling my new 5 gallon tank and I’m wondering how to get started. I do have a cycled 10 gallon tank that I can take rocks/decorations from but they were just cleaned so I don’t know how useful they would be. The filter in it was just replaced as well...