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  1. VaegaVic

    Moving Goldies To New Home And Tank Temp Question

    Hey there, Since you're moving onwards and upwards to a new tank, try to transfer as much old water as possible. This way you know the water is safe, free from chlorine and ammonia. This will also help to prevent any pH, gH and kH shocks. Also try to use as much old media as possible as this...
  2. VaegaVic

    2 Questions For Coldwater Tank - Lights And Snail Eggs

    Hey there, Firstly, that paragraph there made me instantly like you. Well done and congrats. In terms of the lights, it's entirely up to you. There are hundreds of different types and brands of bulbs out there. Usually to appreciate a goldfish tank or atleast a tank with lots of red hues in it...
  3. VaegaVic

    Has returned to fishkeeping! Just a little colder this time..

    Has returned to fishkeeping! Just a little colder this time..
  4. VaegaVic

    I Have Returned!

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time, most of you won't recognise me as its been actually that long since I last posted. I've finally returned to the realm of fish keeping! But this time, I've gone cold water! Back Story: I used to keep 9 tanks in my house, I had more tanks than rooms to put them...
  5. VaegaVic

    My New Sorority...

    So today, I purchased 9 female bettas for my 64L tank. I brought them home and acclimatised them in the slowest manner I have ever done with any fish, a grand total of probably 1 hour 30. My main concern right now is that almost all of them, minus 2 or 3, are showing constant stress stripes...
  6. VaegaVic

    Tank Too Small

    I've used both of those tanks and currently have 3 of the smaller ones and 1 one of the larger ones. I use the 3 small as my breeding tanks, where I store 1 female and then put one male with her. I used the larger one for storing the extra females.
  7. VaegaVic

    Fish With Personality

    As a generalisation, the bigger the fish, the bigger the brain, the more personality that fish has. Saying that however, my flame red betta is the most personable fish I've ever owned.
  8. VaegaVic

    Red Tail Black Shark Hybrid

    and why is this?
  9. VaegaVic

    Anyone Ever Got Divorced And Left Kids?

    Out of interest, why do you want to leave? Is it just the arguing, or is there something else?
  10. VaegaVic

    Possibly Starting A New Betta Sorority.

    So I'm thinking about redoing my 64L tank and turning it into a female betta tank. I'm aiming for about 11 girls, and due to the tank being almost completely fully stocked currently, I can afford to add them all at once. What I want from you guys is your experience of your sororities. Is it...
  11. VaegaVic

    Fluval Edge

    There is so much wrong here, I don't even know where to start. I may be slightly callous in my writing but I'm just about to run off to work, so please forgive me. 1) Tank needs to be cycled before adding fish, there are masses of information on the net and on these forums about said things. 2)...
  12. VaegaVic

    External Filter For 8Gal

    I use a 1000lph filter on my 15 gallon. 105 should be fine.
  13. VaegaVic

    Enticing A Shy Plec Out Of Hiding.

    I was thinking something along these lines. He has got many hidey places in the tank, pretty much 2/3rds of the tank is just a hiding place. Tried that in the first 2 weeks, snails got to it first.
  14. VaegaVic

    Enticing A Shy Plec Out Of Hiding.

    So I bought a gibbiceps plec a few weeks ago. Currently he is in a 64L tank, with a 6-8ft tank on the way next year. Now my problem is that I never see him! I work full time, there's no plants in the tank so a regular photo period (using a timer) is not an option. Which I think could be part of...
  15. VaegaVic

    Help Me Please

    Before we go any further. 1) Plecs and swordtails are tropical species and do best in tropical temperatures, 24C and above. Goldfish can survive this temperature, but prefer below 22C. What temp is your tank? 2) What are the ammonia/NitrIte levels? Anything over 0 is toxic and can leave long...
  16. VaegaVic

    Black, Swolen Lump On Betta's Body?

    Black growing tissue is usually necrosis, at least it is in humans. The cause I'm afraid, is beyond me, but I would start personally considering his quality of life at this point.
  17. VaegaVic

    Porcupine Puffer With Ich

    Ammonia and NitrIte should always be 0 in a mature tank, did you cycle your tank before hand? If he's a mail order fish, I would expect the journey to be incredibly stressful anyway, which can bring on whitespot all by itself. Any tank mates?
  18. VaegaVic

    Help! Fraustration! Heater Issues!

    Get a better heater? Expense does not always equal quality. I use Rena smart heaters in all my tanks, had all of them for over a year now. No cracks, problems, explosions, heat loss and all cut out when I accidently leave them out of the water if doing a water change,
  19. VaegaVic

    Are These Pure Endlers?

    Size plays a ver small role, it depends on how they've been fed, looked after and over all age. Tiger endlers are created by breeding with a snakeskin guppy, but are called tiger endlers. The third one still looks like a hybrid as I have a small hybrid and he looks almost identical to that...
  20. VaegaVic

    Are These Pure Endlers?

    I would have to say no I'm afraid. The first 2 are tiger endlers, a hybrid with guppies already. The last one is indeed an endler, but with very washed out colour, which leads me again to think it's a hybrid.