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  1. steve...c

    Scratching Fish

    its been well over 3months since ive added any thing to my tank and everything has been going great from the start, its been up and running for 6months, with no deaths and the plants growing well, now the last few days ive noticed a few fish scratching off the substrate and bog would, why and...
  2. steve...c

    Siamese Algae Eater

    just thought id share this vid of my false siamese algea eater, his great and if your thinking of getting one im sure this will make your mind up, check him out cleaning my plants,pots and colobus such a hard worker, he was sold to me as a SAE but even tho i found out he isnt one, i wouldnt...
  3. steve...c

    Red Sea Max 130

    hi everyone can anyone offer me a review on the red sea max tank, i know nothing about them but had a phone call from my dad to ask you lot as he is thinking of buying one, any info would be great thanks.
  4. steve...c

    Before I Change Things

    just been abit confused to my temperature changes in my water untill i looked at my tank to work out why, its pretty clear now looking at it as my heater is so close to the intake, would the heated water be getting sucked up and cooling down by the time it comes out the other end, just thought...
  5. steve...c

    Living White Things

    i have just hooverd my gravel where my loepard danios have been spawning which i did yesturday and collected eggs, but today as i was looking all i found was tiny white mite looking things that swim and jump in the water, what are they and where did they come from? thanks steve.
  6. steve...c


    hi there is there anyway i can ID what my tadpoles iare going to be when fully grown, i found them on a waste land in a old pot with about a inch of water. i think as there was only 2 in the pot that someone had collected them from a pond near by and had second thoughts and just dumped them in...
  7. steve...c


    hi is it ok just to leave the media from a friends filter, floating in my tank or do i need to put it in my filter to speed my cycle? :good:
  8. steve...c

    My New Tank

    http:// hi just wanted to show off my new tank as its my 1st ever set up still lots more plants to go in yet :good:
  9. steve...c

    Whats This All About?

    http://i found this in the set up of a second hand tank i brought with no instructions in the box and looks like some bits missing can you tell me if there is, or how to rig it up, there dont seem to be anywhere or anything to connect it to or a plug?? ive just put some plants in and have alot...
  10. steve...c

    What Do You Think?

    hi i got a new tank (second hand) from someone and set it up there was still a inch of water in the tank and the filter was filthy i washed the tank out and the filter and changed the pads, i run warm water over the filters gravel things!! i got a few bottle of treatment and some test...
  11. steve...c

    Hi Guys And Girls

    just wanted to say hi to all you lovely people :sly: joined yesturday already own a dwarf loach called "JC" find out why in my 1st post :nod: :)
  12. steve...c

    Plant Id Please

    i would like some help to ID some plants please as i was stupid enough to buy without asking what they was....yes yes i know!! dont tell me you havent done worse in your time!!! :hey: http://[media]http://[IMG]
  13. steve...c

    Dwarf Loach

    hi every one, 1st timer here. ok so heres the story. i brought a second hand set up. when the tank arrived it had a inch of slushy mercy water at the bottem, so set the tank up to get back to it a week later, when i started to get the remaining water out i noticed something splashing around in...