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    Rainbow Shiners

    I just got in 14 Rainbow Shiners today. It wasn't easy to locate them online, but I finally got some and had some tanks ready for them. I think they came in healthy, no noticeable distress, and I have them in my 10 gal quarantine. They are not very colorful at the moment, but they are in a...
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    Another Hitchhiker thread

    I found this in one of my planted 20L tank with ramshorn snails. No fish, it should be cycled, but I plan to do either shrimp or put my rainbow shiners in there after quarantine. After looking through the hitchhiker thread, is this a dragonfly or damselfly larvae/nymph? It is at most 1 inch...
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    New Guppy Fry!

    I fed my fish this morning and one of my guppies with giving birth soon after waking up and eating. The fry really seem to love resting on my dwarf aquarium lilies or in my guppy grass. I've seen about 5 or 6 get born, not sure the total. It is pretty neat watching them drop like a stone and...
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    Male guppies with fin issues and one with color

    I have two male guppies left from a batch I bought from my nearest pet store. I purchased 9 total a mix of males and females about 1.5 to 2 months ago (5 males, 4 females). I have 2 females left from that purchase who look great and have been doing fine and one had babies. About 2 weeks ago I...
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    Guppy flared-out gills

    My planted 30 gal long tank finished cycling (30 days, tests looked good) and I picked up 9 guppies on Tuesday 07/28/2020. One female died in the bag on the 1.5 h drive back home. I put the remaining 8 in the display after temperature acclimating them, because I didn't wanna stress them further...
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    New to hobby and new tank with hitchhiker question

    Hi! I recently set up a 30 L aquarium that I have in my apartment, new landlord allows fish so I finally went ahead with the project. It has been with water for about 6 days. I put in gravel, live plants (aquarium coop), and some dragonstone about 3 days ago (Monday July 13). I have some java...