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    Does my gourami look Ok?

    From what I searched online I think I have a Red Honey Dwarf Gourami. The last few weeks a noticed a black colouration on my gouramis find and body. It has got more prominent. It might be something well known by people on here but I'm relatively ew and wasn't sure if it was a infection...
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    Hi. I'm relatively new to tropical fish keeping.

    Hi I'm Lee. Relatively new to tropical and cold water fish keeping. Started around 3 months ago and currently have 2 tanks running. In my 80 litre tropical tank I currently have. - 1 Bosemani Rainbow Fish - 1 Pearl Gourami - 1 Red Honey Dwarf Gourami - 1 Red Dwarf Gourami - 2 male and 1...
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    Help identify my baby snail.

    Bought some plants earlier. Got them in the tank and noticed this little snail wandering around the leaves. Probably an easy identification but I'm new to tropical fish and wasn't sure. Thanks in advance.