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  1. LordHappy

    Do the best-laid plans of mice & men....

    Happy day and thank you all for your responses. 1. Although I do suffer from MTS and have five tanks, in the context of a snail discussion, MTS = Malaysian trumpet snails. And yes, they have their uses for churning through substrate. And yes, I have been coping with an outbreak in a...
  2. LordHappy


    Happy day...that's what that is? Snow? Huh...I always imagined it to be...well, more like the pictures we drew...5-pointed star sorts of things. The only time we get white stuff on the ground is when a small, low-flying plane hurriedly drops cushion-sized bales of cocaine...
  3. LordHappy

    Do the best-laid plans of mice & men....

    ...always lead to snail infestations yet again? Alas and alack, my plans of a shrimp & purple mystery snail-only 9.6gl tank have been torpedoed by small little brown/black snails, perhaps generously described as a pond snail, although it might be a bladder snail, too. It is a Walstad-method...
  4. LordHappy

    Suggestions for a suitable vict-...i mean...participant

    So now I just need to find one deserving of such punishment. One particular female has been carrying on in a most tawdry and salacious manner. It does mean I will have to feed them, know, when I dreamed up this escapade of putting a tank in the office, the idea was for it to be...
  5. LordHappy

    Suggestions for a suitable vict-...i mean...participant

    Happy day Itiwhetu, The tank is going to be dream and amano shrimp, only. And a snail of some sort. I do have a collection of cherry barbs in my 125g, so I could definitely fish one of those out.
  6. LordHappy

    Suggestions for a suitable vict-...i mean...participant

    Happy day Utar...oh, I know my water is good. The beautiful south Florida water, the wood, the gravel I used for gradient, the plants and most of the hardscape all came from my existing tanks. The new things are the Eco-complete, the dirt, the glass, the thermometer and 11 river stones. I...
  7. LordHappy

    Suggestions for a suitable vict-...i mean...participant

    Happy day, We are gathered here today to deal with a serious matter, a very serious matter indeed. I have come to you, the people, to seek your guidance on...a sacrifice. I have a new 9.6gl quasi-Walstad Method tank. While I did place root tabs, thus violating the purity of the method, the...
  8. LordHappy


    Pictures are always welcome, too!
  9. LordHappy

    Hi, am I Mike !

    Happy day Micael and welcome to the forums! I happen to type with a French accent, so no worries on pronouncing your name for me. I know this to be true because I once had a French girlfriend and when she would read back things I said in email, she always did it with the French accent, so I...
  10. LordHappy

    Over the back or canister filter?

    Happy day...check out Youtube for Foo the of his videos shows him melting hard plastic tubing and making a shape. One of his fan apprecation videos shows a fan who built a multi-colored one that looks pretty cool. I know that the best things I tend to make using fire are piles...
  11. LordHappy

    I recently made a 5 gal nano

    Happy day....I think a requirement is that the tank have life in it, and all this has is a single snail that was hitchhiking on some plants. Happily, the snail has lived in this landscape devoid of life. In a month I'll get some blue dreams in there. Which would also look good in the original...
  12. LordHappy

    I recently made a 5 gal nano

    Happy day...yes they are. The 1 and 4 keys are on top of each other and I meant to type 4 instead of 1. Let this be a valuable lesson to all...when a person is not mentally equipped to type in lengthy plant names and does, other typos are likely to be apparent. I see that I also omitted a...
  13. LordHappy

    I recently made a 5 gal nano

    Happy day...since this is a private chat that no one else will read, this is a sneak peek at a tank I built last week. Don' I am working on the journal for it. That said, I am terrible with plants, but I went with Bronze Crypt Wendtii, java fern, red root floaters, Damn...
  14. LordHappy

    I recently made a 5 gal nano

    Happy day, Cherry shrimp would look great in there. Painted red/fire red...something along those lines.
  15. LordHappy


    Happy day...I don't think that 125 is nearly large enough, and even with a 6 foot x 6 foot square, when one includes the length of the tail, the fish would basically get to swim 2-3 body lengths in any one direction before having to turn. You aren't too far from the Ohio Fish Rescue. Talk with...
  16. LordHappy

    New Shrimp!!

    Happy day...since you just have one, you could drop a cup over it to hold it in place while you do the cleaning.
  17. LordHappy

    Over the back or canister filter?

    Happy day...I couldn't resist piling on. Its sort of like back in old Mother Russia when you saw a line, you just got in it because there had to be something good people were waiting for, even if the lady in front of you didn't know what it was, either. I use the simple timer with the pegs in...
  18. LordHappy

    Angelfish attacked

    Happy day...I would not have guessed that it was the bichir who did that damage. In my experience with this little fella (see tawdry picture), if he couldn't get his mouth around it, he wasn't gonna mess with it. I would have totally picked out the parrots as being your culprits. The other...
  19. LordHappy

    Slate caves

    Your best bet is to go to a garden supply store, or your local fish store (LFS) and buy the slate. Then you can stack it however you like. I have caves that are 4-7 inches high and make all sorts of condos. They've never fallen except in the case of my cobalt zebras deciding to wage war on...
  20. LordHappy

    Stocking question/water hardness question

    Happy day....I live in Canadian Retirement Land, otherwise known as Florida, and our water is famously hard. I have had corys in my tanks for...well...ever, really, and they don't seem to be bothered by it in the slightest and I can get a good decade out of the corys. I understand that there's...