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    Is my new reef tank algae problem caused by overfeeding?

    We're new to all of this, having recently setup a 123L Fluval Flex reef tank in my wife's office. It finished cycling, and we added our first livestock a couple of weeks ago - a couple of clowns, a cleaner shrimp and a half dozen snails to munch on a little bit of brown algae that was forming...
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    Increasing salinity to rebalance KH

    We've got our new saltwater tank cycled now, but due to a c*ck between my wife and I adding things after a water change, we've managed to get the KH, calcium etc. out of whack with the salinity. So, after a water change my KH and calcium are currently about right - 12 and 430, but the salinity...
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    Water changes during fishless cycling to moderate nitrates?

    We're in the midst of cycling our new 123L saltwater tank for the first time. We're in the "ammonia cycling nicely but nitrites not yet". After dosing with ammonia chloride, ammonia will all be gone again in 24hrs. Nitrites are still high, but we know they're getting processed because...