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  1. CARNO

    Aqua plans

    You guys know that I have been planning toake a really cool aquascape but I have not come up with a idea just yet but I want to do the island aquascape also do you know who is good aquascaper because I want there help
  2. CARNO

    Drift wood is good

    So you know the big piece of drift it's not mushie its still hard but I was told it might have pest in it so it that true of should I leave it
  3. CARNO

    Drifted problem

    Hi (CARNO) I'm thinking of doing a new aquascape because when I was put on the beach I found this piece of drift wood it's quite big and I don't know if I should do a new aquascape or stick with original because of plants or will they be fine
  4. CARNO

    Some sorta shrimp

    Hi I'm new to keeping shrimp so does anyone know what shrimp will be nice in a small tank and can be put in sorta acidic waters and east to keep
  5. CARNO

    Pond jenatir

    Umm we have this lovely pond and can I put pleco in it it South Africa by the way so it can 23°c at day and 16°c at night and in winters it can be 10°c so would that be fine for a pleco also there is koi in there
  6. CARNO


    I'm going to pick up some tiger barbs today and Cory's maybe but are Cory's fine to have with tigers I don't have to many hiding spots for or to many plants
  7. CARNO

    Carpet Plants (pea gravel)

    Hi me again umm I'm not sure what carpet plants would do for pea gravel. The tank is good by the way the four tiger barbs problem will be solved getting more soon
  8. CARNO

    Unfilled (for the tank not the fish)

    Hi my tank well i want to add more to it (beside fish got it sorted) my tank is unfilled so I want to add more to it but I don't know what can someone plz help and I'm the the tiger barb guy from yesterday also the guy with that plant that no one knows
  9. CARNO

    Plant I don't know

    I have this plant that I don't know the name of plz help
  10. CARNO

    Tiger barbs error

    I need help the guy at the pet store 4 tiger barbs would be fine so I went and bought them but it's to little and I have a golden pleco in there as well I wanted to buy more but didn't have any money left so what do I do
  11. CARNO

    What type of substrate

    So i have a 180 liter tank right now and one of the fish is still alive and the others all ded I have pea sized gravel but I don't know if I want to to change it to sand or not or do a mix I'm soon getting tiger barbs and plants I have never looked after plants before
  12. CARNO

    Tiger barbs

    Hi I would like a couple of tiger barbs but many would fit in a 180liter tank plus a gold pleco