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    Columnaris or fungus?

    Short background summary: One of my tanks is infected with tape worms, and I suspect the 45 gal has minor infections as well since I’ve seen some stringy poops. These tapeworms seem to have been infecting the fish for months with no symptoms. 2 weeks ago, I dosed Seachem Excel 3 days in a...
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    What does it mean when people say Pleco's will "foul" small tanks?

    I rescued a BN pleco and its been in a 20 gallon for some time now. Nitrates are always under 25-30, and I never detect any ammonia or nitrite. The fish in the tank aren't super healthy. Could it be that the pleco is "fouling" the water? Is there more to fouling the water than what I can...
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    Is this fin rot bacterial or fungal?

    This fin rot has arisen because the guppies have tapeworms, and thusly have weakened immune systems. As a result, the fish get nipped tails and it doesn’t heal. I am currently treating for the tapeworms, then I will address the fin rot. But I’m hoping someone can indicate whether this rot...
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    What is this feces?

    My fish are fighting some sort of internal parasites or worms. I am currently treating with alternating doses of prazipro and Levamisole for 4 weeks. I saw this feces in one of the tanks today. Or possible it isn’t poop at all? Can someone explain what this is.. or at least guess.. thanks for...
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    Very pregnant guppy making yellow poops?

    This guppy has been pregnant for at least 5 weeks. Last few days has shown signs she is going to give birth so I’ve moved the two males out of the tank. Today she is hovering at the top of the tank, barely swimming and breathing heavy. I can see many dots on her Gravid spot. Just saw her poop...
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    Does this poop indicate parasites?

    I had 2 guppys die after developing very stringy poop, so I treated the tank with Paracleanse. I have done 3 rounds of treatment, each 2 weeks apart, just finished the 3rd round a few days ago. I have not seen any stringy poop since treating, but yesterday I noticed a bunch of stringy poop...
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    Is this Columnaris? Pineconing Guppy

    I have had these guppies for 7 months now. Initially, one of the tequila sunrise died within a week of being added to the tank. About 2 months later, another tequila sunrise withered away (bent spine, very skinny) over the course of 4-5 days and passed away overnight, entirely consumed by...
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    Guppy with white fuzz on mouth?

    Just popped up today. It’s a shrimp tank with 2 male guppies and 1 very pregnant female. I know it is not the recommended ratio but this trio gets along 1 male will be moved to the community guppy tank soon. Any ideas or advice appreciated! Water parameters: Ph: 7.4-7.6 Ammonia: 0-.15 Nitrite...
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    Columnaris on Betta?

    Does this look like Columnaris? He is in a tank with salt right now as an initial treatment.
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    Is this fungal, bacterial or what? Deformed guppy?!

    My guppies have been suffering from some kind of bacteria or fungus that has been attacking their fins for months. It seemed to have started when the guppies had their fins nipped in a different tank, then it turned into fin rot when I moved them into this tank. It’s now manifested as fin rot...
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    Chloramine = low level ammonia readings?

    I never get a true yellow 0 Ammonia reading (API liquid kit) out of any of my 3 tanks. It reads about .1-.2, always a bit more yellow than .25 but definitely still a bit of green. Aside from a tank where I experienced an outbreak of fin rot with nipped guppies, the fish and shrimp are all...
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    Sick infected Betta, what is best course of treatment?

    My friend has sent me this picture of his Betta fish. Clearly very neglected and has a large fungal or bacterial infection along with bad fin rot. What is the best course here? He has the fish in a small 3 gallon "tank", I have an unused 7 gallon I could give him. What kind of medications would...
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    What are these white growths on the Tetra's fin?

    It doesen't look like Ich. It's more of just 2 white spots on this one Tetra's fins. They often nip at each other during the chase of breeding in the early morning. I think the white spots developed after I overfed the tank on Repashy, causing a very small ammonia spike last week. No other...
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    Should this guppy be euthanized?

    Unfortunately I’ve been battling fin rot in this tank and been unable to beat it for 2 months now. Today it may have finally claimed its first victim, as this guppy is laying on his side panting. He wants to get up and swim so badly but he just can’t. It’s heartbreaking, should I euthanize...
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    Cannot beat the fin rot. Please help.

    I have been battling fin rot in a 20 gallon tank for 2 months now. It has 7 male guppies and 6 zebra danios. The fin rot originated from the guppies old tank, where they had their fins nipped by rainbows. After the stress of moving into a new tank, fin rot developed and eventually spread to the...