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  1. eatyourpeas

    A treat from Nature

    I was greeted by this beautiful Banana Slug (6 inches long) having lunch in my yard, feasting on some fallen Autumn leaves. Needless to say, it made me happy!:nod:
  2. eatyourpeas

    Parasite on Neocaridina?

    Hello, Today I found one of my RCS with a white wiggle coming out of the right side towards the back of his head. From what I can gather, it looks like a parasite. I am also wondering if it is an injury to one of his legs). I have put him in separate jar after giving it a salt dip. The shell is...
  3. eatyourpeas

    Please help! Pea puffer may have Ich

    Greetings all, My new pea puffer, Miss Ethel, has been in her tank for two weeks. All fine until yesterday I noticed she started making these jerky moves against leaves as if to scratch an itch. Her tank is a 6 gal. with an Aqueon X-Small Quiet Flow and a Hikari Mini Bacto-Surge sponge filters...
  4. eatyourpeas

    Greetings everyone!

    Hello! New to fishkeeping and aquascaping, started in February and loving every minute of it (minus the drama moments)... Looking forward to exchanging stories with fellow fish people. :)