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  1. leryasa

    so confused!

    I tried to fill out the conversion chart but I didn’t know what I was doing. I just started a 32 gal tank with 50 lb peagravel. I put Stress Zyme (which adds natural bacteria)and Stress Coat for the tap water in yesterday. My test strip reads as follows Nitrate 0...
  2. leryasa

    New member

    I am 57 years old and finally getting an aquarium. I’ve had a Koi & Goldfish pond in my courtyard for years. That was my sanctuary. Have been unable to maintain the courtyard area the past few years due to my work schedule (nurse) so I wanted to bring my sanctuary indoors. I am so excited to get...
  3. leryasa

    Ajuga plant in aquarium

    I wanted to know if Ajuga plants are OK for my aqurium. It’s very hardy and I have it growing around my outdoor pond. I’m just now getting my aquarium set up. No fish yet.