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  1. Jax1108

    What is this?

    Yesterday we noticed these tiny growths in our Betta's tank (looks like tiny ghost dandelions!) an also this fuzzy looking stuff. This past weekend we had a hell of a time, because his 6gal sprung a leak, replaced it with an identical tank which also started leaking so just decided to get him a...
  2. Jax1108

    Question about pH

    Oh sorry, I see now you are in Canada! Sparkletts is a water delivery service that delivers 5g water bottles to your home to put in a water cooler/distributor for drinking. I have no idea what the parameters are of the water before the softener because it is configured for the whole house, so...
  3. Jax1108

    Question about pH

    Byron, thank you for the great feedback! The water softener system does take salt, we have to add bags of salt in the system for maintenance, but according to their website it leaves very little salt/sodium in the finished product. I am going to call and ask them if there is a bypass perhaps for...
  4. Jax1108

    Question about pH

    Hi Everyone! So we have had our new fish for 3 days now! We cycled our planted tank, 20gal, for a week before adding 1 betta, 7 albino gold tetras, 2 kohli loaches, and 2 ottos (oh and one tiny snail got transferred over with the plants! Bonus!) I did have a pet store test the water to make sure...
  5. Jax1108

    Hello from Texas!

    Hi Everyone! I am so excited to be here! It's funny, never in my life have I ever thought I would own fish as an adult (had a small tank as a kid of course) because - and get ready for this, its a little nuts - I actually have ichthyophobia! I have been working on it for years (thanks to my...