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  1. ThatFishGirl6231

    Help! Molly eye bulging

    I was just feeding my fish and I noticed my molly's eye was bulging out. I dont know what to do!! Please help! One time, one of my molly's had some sort of fungal thing and it went away with ich medicine. I don't know if thats the same case here, but I'll try. Also, I'm 12 and don't have any...
  2. ThatFishGirl6231

    Filter replacing

    I need help replacing something in my filters. Not the pad/cartridge thing, but the thing in front of it. The thing that the water pours out of has been growing a LOT of algae. I've just been wiping it off because I dont know where to get a new one. I dont even know if you do replace it. Please...
  3. ThatFishGirl6231

    New Shrimp!!

    I got a cherry shrimp last night. I only bought one because they were expensive and I wanted to see how it will do in the tank. I put it in my betta tank and everything is going great. I will be getting more shrimp. On the car ride home though, I was wondering how do I do the gravel vacuum...
  4. ThatFishGirl6231

    Upgrading betta tank. I need help

    I have a 5 gallon betta tank. I have a few fake plants, and some little artificial caves. I want to change the entire tank and make it planted. I also want to replace the gravel with sand. Here's everything I want to do: Get live plants Replace gravel with sand and plant substrate Get some...
  5. ThatFishGirl6231

    I just got a new snail

    So I just got another nerite. One of the prettiest ones i’ve ever seen. Is it just me or is taking home that bag with the fish/snail such a satisfying feeling. Whenever I take home that bag i’m just so happy. It’s even more happy when they are floating in the top. There is a photo down below...
  6. ThatFishGirl6231

    What size tank do I need?

    Hello! I recently got my first tank. It's come to my attention that it is overstocked. I have 2 dalmation mollies, two platies, a nerite snail, and a baby platy that I want to keep. I also have 2 more nerites in future. I want to upgrade them to a 20 gal long, but only if it is necessary. Tanks...
  7. ThatFishGirl6231


    I have two platy fry. They are currently in a 1 gallon tank until they are big enough to be back in my other tank. Last night I saw one of them laying on the bottom of the tank. I was worried but he wasn’t dead so I just left him. This morning it’s just floating on the top of the tank but it’s...
  8. ThatFishGirl6231

    Some information you may not know

    Hello!:) I am taking a marine biology class in school, so I thought I might share with you some sciency info you may not know that I learned. 1. study of fish=ichthyology 2.The order that Livebearers are in (guppy,molly,swordtail,platy) is called chrypinodontoformes. I don’t know if I spelled...
  9. ThatFishGirl6231

    Good betta setup?

    This is Marvel the betta. He has a 5 gallon tank with some fake plants, and a couple hides/caves. Is this a good setup? If not what can I change?
  10. ThatFishGirl6231

    Not fish related but here’s a photo dump of my dog

    This is a photo dump of my dog Pippi. She’s a smoothie cockapoo. She’s almost two.
  11. ThatFishGirl6231

    Would this be overtocking?

    I have a 10 gallon planted tank. I have two platies, two mollies, and a snail. Do I have enough room for a dwarf gourami? If I got a dwarf gourami would it be overstocking? I read somewhere that live plants help oxegenate the water if it is overstocked so maybe I can? I dont know. Can someone...
  12. ThatFishGirl6231

    what is in my tank?

    So i have a 10 gallon planted tank and i just started noticing little dots moving around all throughout the gravel. Im almost positive they´re not bubbles but I don´t know. They are also not fish eggs as i have livebearing fish (two mollies, two platies). The only other thing I have in the tank...
  13. ThatFishGirl6231

    My fish journey

    So I’m in 7th grade (I know I’m young) and I’ve was begging for a tank for like two years. I did a lot of research and this year my parents finally let me buy a tank with my birthday money. Like 2 months later I got another 5 gal betta tank. So I want another tank now and I’ve done quite a bit...
  14. ThatFishGirl6231

    Im addicted to fish already

    So I’m pretty young, not even in high school, and for my birthday this year, my parents let me buy a 10 gal freshwater tank. It’s currently on my dresser. Only like a month later, our family friends gave me their old 5 gallon tank because it was just in their attic. My parents said I could have...