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    What are you getting yourself for Christmas?

    Long ago I got my kids a slot car set for Christmas. Unfortunately we also had Porsche Unleashed video game on our computer with a force feedback steering wheel. The slot car was quite lame compared to driving a 911 thru the Alps on the computer.
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    Can these fish live together and minimum space

    Is this based on research or just an assumption based on their native habitat? Someone once said you can't fight evolution but a key factor in evolution is the ability of a species to adapt to changing/different environments. You just can't assume that a specific fish needs water condition from...
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    Quarantine Tanks - how many of you use them?

    Petco has a $1/gallon sale, up to 29 gallon.
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    Drift wood problem!

    what I read... Bleach, rinse then let it dry out. At ambient temperature, Chlorine is a gas. When the wood drys out, any remaining chlorine will gas out. I cannot give you any supporting studies/links on this. I did discuss this with our tenant, a PhD chemistry student who basically said that...
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    On the issue of "view the other side of the coin"... Here are two articles from, the first, dated 02 APRIL 2020, Is the coronavirus airborne? Experts can’t agree and the second one, dated 08 JULY 2020, Mounting evidence suggests coronavirus is airborne — but health advice has not...
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    Absolutely! Listen to the highly trained experts.
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    In normal years, the common cold and influenza are mutation of an existing virus strain found in humans. Typically in pandemic years, a new strain of virus comes from another species such as bats. Current research has identified bats as the host for COVID-19, there is a ~94% DNA match between...
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    90 gal acrylic with bulkheads placed weird.

    For a sump, you would need overflows installed for all the large holes. I assume the small pipes are return lines, those would not work for a sump ie: lose power and the tank could completely drain out. The owner may have used some type of canister filter with values on all the lines. my...
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    Spalders ask: "Why does such a deadly virus only require a face covering? Not a "specific" face covering, any old rag will do." Actually N95 mask are the best. The virus expelled from your body in small droplet of water (or an aerosol) which can be stopped with a cloth mask. "If a face mask...
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    Which is Caribou crap. If initially infected with a large viral load, the virus could be killing millions of cells in your lungs which can kill a healthy person. A person with an underlying conditions such as asthma could be healthy one day, dead a week later from COVID. The only difference...
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    I admire your Prime Minister, Ms. Ardern, I would gladly trade Trump and a pacific island to be named later for her :) But to be fair, New Zealand is already a isolated island and was easy to cut off from the world. New Zealand also benefits by being close to Australia which is doing quite...
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    Happy Halloween...are you watching a horror movie tonight?

    No horror movie for me, I fell asleep on the couch around 9pm, and now I am up 4:30am :) It was nice to see a few group of trick&treaters, we put candy in bags and did a little self serve prop. I projected a scary witch on our front door using a cheap movie projectors and screen. But it was...
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    Aquarium Kitchen Island

    For the record, I will be quite happy when I finally get my new tank set up, $100 for a new 75 gallon old school framed tank. I am easy to please
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    Aquarium Kitchen Island

    another photo of the kitchen island tank
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    Aquarium Kitchen Island

    There is a patent (USA) for the infinity edge tank, if you want one it will be expensive. The above tank, 22 gallons, is $2500. ZeroEdge 22ZR Aquarium System
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    Aquarium Kitchen Island

    Or how about an infinity edge aquarium, the water overflows the tank and down the glass.
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    Aquarium Kitchen Island

    Not real but they do make these. No thanks
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    So much hostility

    Thank "the creator of the big bang" that we have Netflix!
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    So much hostility

    Hopefully on 11/4/2020 or 4/11/2020, my sense of humor will return. :)
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    So much hostility

    I was thinking too much on that one, I was thinking about the Ides of March as the word ides means divide in latin, we are quite divided these day. But that date would be 15/3/2020