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    20g looking ahead for stocking

    I haven't kept Bolivian Rams, but a breeding pairs can get quite territorial and 20 g might not be large enough with other active swimming fish. That would be my concern. There is nothing wrong with keeping a fish only tank, you just need to ensure that you get enough filtration. Also keep up...
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    Python water changer

    I have a python with the 50 feet of hose, 25 feet wasn't quite enough for the distance I needed. The quality is really good and it makes siphoning easier. If you don't mess around you might be able to make it work with a 10gal/38L or larger. You just need to keep an eye on water level for...
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    Another Hitchhiker thread

    Got home this morning from work and found the little guy hiding under my drift wood and sucked him out. I squished him cause I didn't want him introduced to my area's ecosystem just in case of invasive species. I hope I don't see any more, but I'll keep my eye out. Luckily there are no fish...
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    Rainbow Shiners

    I bought some fake plant on my way to work, i work midnights, and will put them in when i get home. They are a cold water species from Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. They are pretty popular in Europe and not too big here yet. I believe they can take a while to mature and color up i hear 12...
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    Another Hitchhiker thread

    Wow, quite the little group you have there. I hope you didn't lose anything to those. I hope I only have the one. I only got my plants from 3 sources. It must have came in on my red root floaters. I don't think it came in on my Bacopa. I can't find it now, but I'll hunt it down over my next few...
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    Rainbow Shiners

    I just got in 14 Rainbow Shiners today. It wasn't easy to locate them online, but I finally got some and had some tanks ready for them. I think they came in healthy, no noticeable distress, and I have them in my 10 gal quarantine. They are not very colorful at the moment, but they are in a...
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    Another Hitchhiker thread

    I found this in one of my planted 20L tank with ramshorn snails. No fish, it should be cycled, but I plan to do either shrimp or put my rainbow shiners in there after quarantine. After looking through the hitchhiker thread, is this a dragonfly or damselfly larvae/nymph? It is at most 1 inch...
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    Too many fish while cycling

    I didn't see, but have you tested your tap water as well? I struggled with ammonia build up doing large water changes after a cycle and had to resort to ro/di water and remineralize for gh/kh for large water changes because my city has 1 ppm ammonia and some nitrites in it. Test your tap if...
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    The fun of breeding pet shop Guppies

    Congrats on the new fry! I recently got a batch of them and they always bring a smile to my face when I see their little eyes and bodies hiding in the thick guppy grass. It is like waiting for Christmas to see what colors you'll get.
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    How to raise GH without PH getting too alkaline.

    I keep guppies. My tap water is perfect for them in hardness and ph, but it comes with 1 ppm ammonia. So I filter it down to ro/di and remineralize it with a shimp king product. I got Shrimp King Shrimp Salt GH+/KH+. They also have a gh only product if you only want hardness. It might be worth...
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    Sand or dark slate type gravel.

    I believe you said you already ordered some sand, but I thought I'd chime in. I haven't used it, but play sand can be a little dirty and take more rinsing to get it clean at the start. Many people in the States have used pool filter sand (I did) because it is cleaner. I got about 50 lbs for $8...
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    New Guppy Fry!

    I fed my fish this morning and one of my guppies with giving birth soon after waking up and eating. The fry really seem to love resting on my dwarf aquarium lilies or in my guppy grass. I've seen about 5 or 6 get born, not sure the total. It is pretty neat watching them drop like a stone and...
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    Male guppies with fin issues and one with color

    I've been using Hikari Fancy Guppy once a day, and some days I add Hikari sinking algae wafers broken up for the guppies, shrimp, and snails to share later in the day. I'll throw in two or three pieces of crab cuisine occasionally for the snails and shrimp, but that's too hard for the guppies to...
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    Male guppies with fin issues and one with color

    I have two male guppies left from a batch I bought from my nearest pet store. I purchased 9 total a mix of males and females about 1.5 to 2 months ago (5 males, 4 females). I have 2 females left from that purchase who look great and have been doing fine and one had babies. About 2 weeks ago I...
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    Guppy flared-out gills

    I moved both females to a 10 gal quarantine and added 3 tablespoons of aquarium salt. They were doing fine for a day and then the smallest one (first one with signs) died. She had the thickest cottony growth at first. Her gills looked puffy. The second fish she appeared to lose the white growth...
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    Guppy flared-out gills

    Writing an update for those interested. The two female fish having issues with their gills have had white patches on their scales now as well for a day or so. I've ordered some aquarium salt to try that if this doesn't work. All the males seem ok and the 2 remaining females look fine as well. I...
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    My Platy had Babies!! 18 that ive found

    Those are some really cute eyeballs...I mean fry you have there!
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    Guppy flared-out gills

    I didn't get a good look at the fish in the store and many of the ones I bought had issues. This female with the gill issue seems to be moving her gills a little faster, her tail looked in bad shape too. If you see in the photo it looks like her tail was bigger or deformed because there is a...
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    Guppy flared-out gills

    My planted 30 gal long tank finished cycling (30 days, tests looked good) and I picked up 9 guppies on Tuesday 07/28/2020. One female died in the bag on the 1.5 h drive back home. I put the remaining 8 in the display after temperature acclimating them, because I didn't wanna stress them further...
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    pet shop guppy

    Really nice looking guppy there. Thanks for sharing!